Why Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

By catering to an array of business organizations, Salesforce has built a niche in the CRM industry.

You can manage your CRM in an automated and structured way using the Salesforce platform, no matter your organizational size or which industrial sector you belong to.

One of the segments that can use Salesforce’s potential to the fullest, however, is ecommerce. Gone are the days when people outside their favorite showrooms wait for hours standing in a queue.

Today, people, sitting at their homes, at the click of a button, prefer making transactions online. The same practice is followed by organizations in the implementation of their procedures as well.

Why Choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

In essence, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based platform that allows customers to create customized, exclusive, and unified purchasing experiences.

It means offering your consumers a seamless shopping journey through a range of themes, whether it’s the web, tablet, social media, or shops, through unifying purchase experiences.

The Commerce Cloud is nothing short of an ecommerce boon. At every point of the shopping path, it has greatly enhanced the way your online customers engage with you.

This platform allows you to handle all the business processes that follow in an automated and productive way once you have built your portal and added goods that you want to sell.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is distinguished by multi-tenant architecture that gives a great boost to the platform’s security and stability aspects.

This seamless platform’s three service categories (intelligence, experience, and operations) work harmoniously to power each and every stage of cross-channel commerce.

The intelligence element is the right option, based on data, to provide specific insights and direct company decisions.

The experience feature, on the other hand, provides users tools to control their merchandise, content, pricing, and promotions, which in turn translates into improved customer engagement.

The operations module allows users to connect back offices with order fulfillment by providing multiple channels with the necessary critical functionalities.

B2C and B2B Commerce Cloud

Salesforce offers all a retailer needs to take their business online, including marketing, merchandising, content management, promotion handling and deployment, customer service management, order fulfillment, inventory, endless data, and artificial intelligence that maximizes 1-to-1 customer experience. This platform will take advantage of both B2C and B2B users.

 Key Features Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

When you reap the benefits of our Salesforce ecommerce services and have the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform implemented, the team can experience smoother operations and greater functionality.

Here are some of the key features that will be offered through the implementation of the Commerce Cloud within your organization:

1) Continuous and Seamless Innovation

One of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s greatest benefits is that it easily eliminates the limitations to innovation that can be generally associated with a vast majority of legacy commerce solutions.

Through doing this, it helps the company to remain in line with evolving customer needs and the cutthroat and fast-paced business of today.

Up to eight times a year, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform is updated so that you get your hands on new developments and features.

When these improvements are streamlined with your day-to-day tasks, your online business never has to go into a “hold” mode.

If this is not enough, Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s open architecture allows you to easily create your own custom capabilities without ever compromising the road to cloud upgrades.

2) Business Intelligence

The number of customers addressed and the number of transactions carried out by an ordinary business enterprise are considerably high.

On a daily basis, if you follow a B2C model, hundreds of potential clients will land on your ecommerce website.

You are likely to deal with large amounts of sales on a daily basis if you are adopting a B2B model.

It is essential for a company to make sense of this complex information and effectively conduct business processes.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides exclusive market intelligence that lets you analyze critical information, make comprehensive reports about it, and helps management make crucial business decisions.

2) Predictive Intelligence enhances the shopping experience

Salesforce built  Einstein AI, a next-generation artificial intelligence platform that eliminates the need for third-party extensions and manual data processing, to extend the application of the artificial intelligence platform for ecommerce companies.

Previously, to simulate new attributes and handle various operations on the web, merchants had to use third-party integrations. These integrations are closely linked to each other, and one extension’s failure can also impact others’ efficiency.

The main features of the artificial intelligence system at Einstein:

  • Suggest the best products at all touchpoints
  • Make real-time 1:1 predictions for every single buyer
  • Get smart and boost conversions with insights from data-driven commerce
  • Save time and effort with automated tasks for trading

For brands that want to stay competitive, the quick personalization offered by Commerce Cloud is crucial. More than ever, modern customers demand more personalization.

In addition to this seamless shopping experience, Commerce Cloud makes it easy for customers, either from the social media site, smartphone, web, or in your store, to select “buy” from anywhere.

3) Internationalization of Storefronts

Organizations are able to handle multiple storefronts from a single back-end platform at multiple locations around the world with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. ‍

You can easily manage product data sets for various stores without any hurdles by using Salesforce Commerce Cloud for your ecommerce store and also manage numerous complexities such as billing, pricing, product availability, etc.

Salesforce is one of the first commercial solutions to fully support Apple Pay online, offering a seamless one-page checkout for customers that allows them to complete their purchases with a single click.

4) High Customisation

Salesforce is considered to be a highly customizable platform, which also gives the Commerce Cloud these qualities.

According to your particular preferences and comfort, the app helps you to create a unified experience for your customers.

Our team can tailor the platform based on your needs, based on the customers you cater to, the products you are selling, and the objectives you want to achieve.

At every point of the buying process and every part of your website, this customization is available, including the customization of the checkout process.

Based on your preferences, you can allow your customers to make purchases through a single-page checkout, allowing them to complete their buying journey with a single click of a button.

5) Omni-Channel Functionalities

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud has placed profound emphasis on one main feature, which empowers retailers to operate their business from a single platform over multiple channels.

Retailers can streamline multiple processes with a single SaaS solution, such as pricing, order management, inventory management, marketing strategies, conversions, etc.

It not only gives retailers agility but also omni-channel functionality that saves a lot of their precious time and effort.

6) First-Class Customer Support

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides all its merchants with round-the-clock and continuous support and ensures that their business operates flawlessly and prospers 24/7.

In addition, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud support involves complete issues ranging from fixing codes to resolving security breaches, and the list goes on.

7) Rich Mobile Experience

Today, customers use their cell phones to access the majority of online stores. The majority of your current and future customers prefer shopping online via their mobile phones due to the accessibility and ease of operation.

The fact that Google has made the user-friendliness of a site an important factor in deciding its rank on its SERPs is one of the greatest benefits of having your online store optimized for mobile phones.

Thus, by having seamless mobile customization via the Commerce Cloud platform, you can get your store ranked higher on Google results pages.

A Truly Unified Experience with Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

How well it puts together each of the networks to create a unified customer experience is one of Commerce Cloud’s most significant advantages.

You should put it all together for the customer’s good instead of thinking of your online store, your social sales, or your brick-and-mortar as separate entities.

For instance, giving mobile access to digital inventory to your in-store team members will allow store partners to deliver, sell, and ship products to customers in real-time from anywhere in your store at any location.

Docmation offers a full system integration service, beginning with a discovery that uncovers the company’s highest-value, commercially oriented activity roadmap.

From there, we work with you on initial platform selection consulting, solution design, and implementation through ongoing site performance optimization, enhancement, and support, including innovative origination and implementation.

  • In order to tailor our services according to your needs, our team gathers all the relevant details about the profile of your clients, your organizational priorities, and the goals you want to accomplish in detail before beginning with the implementation.
  • In addition to providing your customers with streamlined services, we also assist you in developing a modular design to manage business processes with enhanced flexibility for your in-house team.
  • We simplify and ease the complex process of managing all your products, catalogs, orders, inventory, and all the product data needed to enable you to reflect on your company’s core objectives.
  • We deliver you numerous omnichannel features such as Order Management (order lifecycle management, visibility of real-time inventory, etc.) and Endless Aisle (accessing customer, inventory, and product data from Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud).
  • We assist you in setting up customized A/B testing capabilities for better merchandising inside the system. In taking care of aspects such as product promotions, merchandising logic, foundation sorting logic, etc., these skills are extremely helpful.
  • You can also get some of the native features, such as native multi-currency, multi-store, and multi-language capabilities that are integrated into your systems.