Why it makes business sense to build apps on Salesforce Lightning?

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As businesses automate and digitize critical processes, application development is more important than ever. But in the face of a shrinking developer talent pool, a new low/no-code approach is gaining popularity.

Built on a platform with tools completely hosted on the cloud, it significantly reduces the effort that comes along with building new applications and driving business growth.

A leading cloud-powered solution for business challenges is the Salesforce Lightning platform.

According to a recent IDC report, businesses can realize a value of $181,900 USD per 100 internal users of applications developed on Lightning, which translates to a whopping $13.67 million per organization.

Salesforce Lightning

Building core applications and extensions supported by analytics and integration is the primary role of a developer.

Salesforce’s Lightning capabilities enable even non-developers to do so and service business demand for applications in the following ways:

  • Application development: Lightning’s point-and-click interface can be used to not only just build business logic but also access developer-built code. Custom shareable objects can be reused and connect applications across departments.
  • User experience: Lightning’s “design once, use anywhere” approach for desktop and mobile interfaces accelerate business processes, allowing end users to easily interact with applications.
  • Security: For enterprises, a secure platform that meets compliance guidelines is imperative. Salesforce offers end-to-end data encryption, modifiable passwords, and two-factor authentication for a business’s data protection and compliance needs.
  • Integration: All Salesforce products connect internal and external applications with multiple data sources, allowing for intelligent applications.
  • Analytics: Salesforce’s Einstein Platform allows businesses to extract insight from data. On the Lightning platform, Einstein Prediction Builder can be used to foresee business outcomes by analyzing fields and objects.

Business value of leveraging Salesforce Lighting

With Salesforce Lightning, businesses can achieve undeniable value by enabling development where both IT development teams and line-of-business (LOB) developers are empowered.

The result? An increase in productivity for IT developers, timely and robust access to applications and features, and less time required for managing and supporting applications.

While LOB users experience productivity from timely and functional applications, IT development teams create more value by delivering new applications and features with reduced development life cycles.

Higher-quality applications and fewer errors mean improved productivity for users and better business growth. Moreover, getting rid of legacy development platforms and moving to a cloud-based platform generates cost savings for the business.

Line-of-business development

Businesses can leverage Lightning to enable development efforts for line-of-business (LOB) users. This empowers them to deliver new applications and features to users and customers with lower development life cycles.

By leveraging the no-code functionality of the Lightning Platform, LOB developers can take on development tasks, reducing the workload for IT developers.

For organizations, this ability to have LOB users develop on the Lightning Platform is a clear value differentiator. Enabling employees to develop on a no-code development platform means they build applications in less time, without involving IT development teams.

This ‘democratization’ of development is perhaps the most significant business benefit of using Lightning. In this way, organizations can solve business problems without involving the IT development team.

Using Lightning, LOB teams can develop new applications with greater frequency and add functionalities to existing ones:

  • Faster cycles: Tools on Lightning allow LOB users to create custom objects through a configuration-based approach that reduces development time and dependence on developers.
  • Ease of development: The Process Builder and Flow features on Lightning allow LOB users to develop complex applications without writing code.
  • High-quality functionality from non-developers: The Lightning Platform enables LOB development with its drag-and-drop and point-and-click features.

Accelerated developer productivity With Salesforce Lightning, IT developers enjoy an integrated, agile, and highly functional development platform.

Frequent application releases through faster development life-cycles (as LOB users take on development responsibilities) allows them to deliver greater value to the organization. With the Lightning Platform, IT developers can work in a timely fashion.

Teams working on Lightning experience faster development lifecycles and higher developer productivity.

Organizations are also able to run applications more efficiently and at a lower cost with Lightning, which removes on-premises infrastructure challenges as the need for server infrastructure is reduced or completely eliminated.

Lightning users also benefit from higher-quality applications with a reduced frequency of release errors and unplanned outages.

This translates into a better experience for users and customers who benefit from enhanced functionality and new features.

Operational efficiencies

Bringing LOB users into the development process, apart from improving organization-wide development, results in improved operational efficiencies.

With timely, relevant, better-performing and high-quality applications and features, internal application user productivity increases and customers respond positively to new features, which improves operational efficiency and boosts revenue for the company.

And, with applications developed on the Lightning Platform, organizations get access to a wealth of data that they can leverage to improve margins and profitability by tracking campaigns and sharing insights with different departments.

With limited IT budgets and growing organization size, efficient development can often take a hit.

With Salesforce’s cloud platform that enables timely and relevant application development with a point-and-click interface, businesses can realize significant value.

Increased developer productivity and higher operational efficiencies with Lightning can ultimately increase revenue for organizations without the need for application development the old way.

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