What Makes Salesforce B2B Commerce the Best B2B Commerce Technology?

Forrester forecasts that the US B2B market is on its way to hit the $1.2-trillion mark by 2021. This shows just how immense B2B’s scope is.

Its evidence can also be discerned from the fact that several companies, earlier adamant, are now eager to leverage electronic commerce to profit from the huge B2B marketplace.

Why B2B Commerce Technology? From a Buyer’s Perspective

The way e-commerce conducts selling, distribution, and marketing of products/services from one enterprise to another via the internet has everyone falling for it instantly.

In fact, 74 percent of B2B buyers give a thumbs-up to B2B eCommerce! It is a humongous number.

Ask buyers why they enjoy B2B commerce; they cite: convenience, direct selling, and buying through the internet, as triggers for their rapport with B2B commerce.

With the Internet-glued millennial generation storming into the business world and expecting B2C experience on B2B channels, the need for B2B commerce technology rises to overwhelming proportions.

Things to Look for in a B2B Platform (2020)

  • Mobile is increasingly becoming a dominant purchase channel, leaving desktop far behind. Over 73% of all e-commerce sales by 2021 will take place via mobile. A B2B platform deemed best, therefore, has to have a responsive, mobile-friendly web design.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not anymore a B2C thing. B2B enterprises now actively seek AI deployment in their B2B portals, especially in customer service, product search, product recommendations, and more.
  • A B2B platform on its portals should make it possible to search a product not by its name alone, but also by its code, serial number, and even by image recognition. Chatbots have to be integrated as well, as they help disseminate product information more efficiently.
  • Depending on the user’s role in the company and the decision-making powers they have, a B2B platform has to offer a personalized customer experience by way of product catalogs, articles, and promotions.
  • A B2B platform has to offer robust data analytics to businesses, one able to gauge the performance of a sales representative, pick inefficiencies in the delivery process, and more.

Why Salesforce?

Today the software market is profuse with CRM providers, all cloud-based.

However, one name stands out: Salesforce. Heir to 19.7 percent of CRM market share, it’s one of the most widely used CRMs, trusted by over 150,000 users worldwide.

Salesforce B2B solutions cater to the needs of wholesalers, distributors, and producers of all sizes and scales.

Businesses adopt it to render their buying process easy, besides procuring more revenue.

Why is it that most of the people associated with B2B business consider Salesforce B2B Commerce the best B2B commerce technology?

Salesforce B2B Commerce Is the Best B2B Commerce Technology Available.


Simple Buying, No B2B e-commerce Complexities.

Salesforce has allowed businesses to quickly reach the B2B marketplace. Businesses can deploy Salesforce B2B Commerce in a week’s time and reap its benefits for a lifetime.

By incorporating features like fast reorders, contract pricing, account hierarchies, custom catalogs, Salesforce B2B Commerce, and a cloud-based platform, online buying is made easy and more fruitful.

Empowers Sales Team, as it Offers Real-Time Customer Data.

Promote rational decision making and get that ever-mounting load of recurrent tasks off your shoulder with Salesforce B2B Commerce.

Empower sales executives by providing access to real-time customer data, valuable insights, and more time.

Cross-Touchpoint Connection – Sales, Marketing, and Service – On One Platform.

Salesforce B2B Commerce is part of a larger network of interlinked cloud-based services, such as sales, service, and marketing, that give freedom to access customer-related data from across all touchpoints so your interactions become more relevant and personalized.

Scalability Possibility, What Salesforce B2B Commerce Offers.

The entire customer journey generates valuable data, and with Salesforce B2B Commerce, you are just a click away from accessing it and using it for scaling your business.

Also, the self-service tools, which are another remarkable feature of Salesforce B2B Commerce, save time and investment.

Industry-Specific Customization, Stock Inventory, Manufacturer Support.

B2B e-commerce demands highly industry-specific customization to meet the needs of particular industries.

Salesforce B2B Commerce makes it possible by streamlining industry-specific requirements and ensures a seamless digital experience for B2B buyers, therefore improving customer retention.

Salesforce Order Management, Payment Process, Cancellations, and Returns.

From the moment of the first contact to actual shopping and shipping, the entire buying journey is quantified on CRM.

Salesforce B2B Commerce streamlines the ordering process as integration between the Salesforce Order Management and the payment system gets invoice settlements efficiently.

Ecommerce Transformation Through Artificial Intelligence.

With its Einstein AI, Salesforce B2B Commerce technology helps businesses grow faster.

AI also provides shopper personalized data, therefore influencing shopping habits by displaying recommendations.

Salesforce B2B Commerce CPQ.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) represents the more subtle aspects of B2B e-commerce.

Salesforce solves the major problem businesses face: Configuration. B2B sellers must cater to buyers’ needs.

Salesforce CPQ software enables B2B businesses to configure offerings in consonance with buyers’ needs and behavior.

Its pricing manages discounts, pre-negotiated contract pricing, partner pricing, and more, all automatically with impeccable accuracy and optimization.

CPQ enables the sales team to create quotes in seconds and engage instantly.


Salesforce B2B Commerce renders B2B e-commerce interaction between businesses seamless, personalized, and interconnected.

With its advent, product ordering in bulk has become much easier, more accurate, and clearer.

Salesforce Commerce, with its powerful CRM, helps businesses harness their true potential as it can handle a crowd of customers with ease.

Its mobile-friendly design, AI-enabled CRM, AI-guided search results, and product recommendations ensure a uniquely personalized customer experience.

Salesforce is a complex technology that simplifies B2B commerce. Need expert help in the deployment of Salesforce B2B Commerce?

Connect with us. We’re a team of certified Salesforce developers and will help you deploy a Salesforce CRM, tailored to your business.