Top Salesforce Summer‘19 Features

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The highly anticipated Salesforce Summer ‘19 has released features to enable superior retail and customer experience. To enjoy the best of the Summer 19’ features, you have to be on Lightning if you wish to maintain a competitive edge. With the coming Winter ‘20 (October 2019), ‘switching to Lightning’ will be the default for all users. So, if there was ever a time to be lightning ready, it’s NOW!

With Lightning and its out-of-the-box tools, it becomes easy to auto-drive your commercial services, use advanced page layouts, and increase your client engagements. From a no-code app builder to a fast-flowing Salesforce DX, Salesforce Summer ’19 has introduced a host of functionalities at your disposal to tailor and improve your business’ CRM.

You can use in-built features like the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant to train your team in using the new platform before the shift is made permanent by October this year.

Here’s an extensive list of the most noteworthy features of Salesforce Summer ’19.

1. Enhanced Related Lists

With the new Enhanced related lists feature, you can customize your related lists to resize and sort the columns, show up to 10 such columns, wrap text, and launch mass actions.

The Lightning App builder tool has the Related List Type Dropdown, from where you have to click on the Enhanced Related Lists option. You can now choose whether you want to view the action bar or not and decide how many records to display at once, for which you previously had to go through the ‘Show all’ option.

2. Full View Option

The Lightning page layout, which had the default template called the Grouped view, now has a new viewing option – the Full view.

For those users transitioning from Classic to Lightning Experience, this view is similar to Salesforce Classic. All details and related lists are compiled on the same page in this layout.

3. Send Free Surveys

The days of tricky licenses are gone! Now, users can create and send unlimited free surveys provided they have been assigned one of the following accounts:

  • Marketing User
  • Standard User
  • System Administrator
  • Contract Manager

The Salesforce Survey data is stored in your organization and can be used to create reports and dashboards which can be shared with your team for effective response at your end.

Note – This feature is supported only in the Lightning Experience.

4. Quick Filters

Salesforce Summer ’19 brings you the added benefit of zooming through your Related lists using Quick Filters to extract the data you’re looking for. How are they different from Regular list View Filters? Related list Quick Filters are not saved, last only for the duration of the current session, and cannot be shared, unlike Regular list View Filters.

Note – Quick filters are unavailable for the Assets, File, Other People, and Attachments related lists.

5. Merge Up to Three Record Cases

If you have two or three records (like feed items, child records, or related lists) which are either duplicate or need to be merged into a single case, you can do so with the Case Merge the action of Salesforce Lightning. Unlike prior toolkits, you no longer need to depend on custom development tools and AppExchanges for merging cases. You can avail this feature by first adding the Merge Case button to the page layout, available only with the Lightning experience.

6. Einstein Prediction Builder

The Einstein Prediction Builder is an analytical tool that uses numerical functions to generate probabilities and predictions regarding your business planning. For example The amount a customer is likely to pay for a particular service.

The pre-existent custom formula field just got better with Summer ‘19 because now you can create these fields by referring to the AI-generated calculations of the Sales Cloud Einstein (the CRM platform of Salesforce).

The Sales Cloud feature has been given two new updates. First is the enablement of quarterly forecasting (although on beta). Second is the option to group different forecast models on the basis of your preferred categories such as product or region.

6. Honor Milestones

Salesforce Summer ‘19 brings one virtually sweet way to keep up the morale of your team by tossing confetti over their screens whenever someone reaches a particular path stage, i.e. crosses a specified target or wins an opportunity. You can set the frequency of such celebrations – ‘sometimes’ for daily targets, and ‘always’ for challenging targets.

Overall, the Salesforce Summer ‘19 release is much more than a season kit update. It amps up the platform’s already powerful offerings to modern enterprises and fuels our anticipation for the upcoming Winter ’20.

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