Top Salesforce Spring ’18 Release Features to Fuel your Customer Community

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It’s that time of the year that has you shrugging off your winter blues and welcoming spring’s blossoms.

And just like the season, Salesforce’s Spring ’18 release has all the Salesforce essentials features you’ve been waiting for!

The platform makes it possible to deliver a smarter, faster, and more personalized customer experience with Salesforce new release features.

Here are some Salesforce ootb features from the latest Spring ’18 release that promise a smoother experience for your customer community.

Set an expiration date on community content

Salesforce’s features allow you to deliver personalized content to your community.

Currently, the Recommendations feature in Workspaces serves the purpose of content training, signing up for events etc.

With the new Expiring Content feature, administrators can focus on surfacing content based on a strict timeline or number of dismissals.

Content can be created in the form of a rich text editor, HTML, or CMS Connect. The criteria for removing content from the user’s dashboard can then be defined.

To survey or not to survey

This feature allows admins to create surveys to embed into the community, record results, and get crucial insights into customer preferences.

Creating one is as easy as enabling Surveys and creating a record that goes to the community component property panel.

Community calendars

Desperate to schedule a meeting with a potential client who is jam-packed? How about directly checking up on their availability?

While previously you’d need a third-party AppExchange to do this, Community Calendar now gives users the ability to view others’ Salesforce Calendars. Depending on the license, it is also possible to create events from the calendar.

So the next time you want to schedule a lunch meeting, just log in to Salesforce and call without hesitation.

Contact support better and deflect cases with ease

This previously merged feature is divided into two separate attributes, replacing the Create Case form that was a combination of these components.

By separating these, admins can now exercise greater control on both sides of the form, including the new deflection feature that gives you the ability to prompt for input on how well the content answered their question.

Exercise greater control over your audiences by creating a customer-friendly atmosphere.

Community Cloud + Marketing Cloud = High Engagement

With the integration of the Marketing and Community Cloud, one can streamline all marketing clients with high reputation points through a particular course to maintain engagement rates.

You can promote or motivate your users with rewards. Create a cross-media journey for your community users sans a marketing license!

Einstein Answers

Salesforce’s pioneer AI, Einstein Answers, is a new approach to reinventing CRM.

Although this feature is currently only in pilot, its unique ability lies in analyzing discussions and articles to give users asking questions more accurate suggestions on related existing content.

To put it in simple words, if you are looking for a needle in a haystack, Einstein Answers will make sure you find it.

Einstein’s intelligence will automatically detect and surface relevant insights, spontaneously predicting answers to solve your queries faster, proactively devising recommendations for you.

It even automates certain tasks. It does all the work for you, you don’t have to bat a lash giving you the best alternative.

Let’s not forget the advances with the latest features of Salesforce Chatter.

  • Users who are members of groups get instant notifications when they are @mentioned
  • You can now copy and share URLs to your clients and a preview of the link even shows up in Chatter.
  • Likes have transitioned to Upvotes in the new feature alternative, but Spring ’18 release brings you the best-upgraded Salesforce features – you can now convert your likes to Upvotes so no likes go waste. And if you don’t want to convert these, you can always contact Salesforce Customer Support.
  • A major disappointment in standard new users or password reset emails was that the dynamic link inside them didn’t point to the user’s community. But now the efficient customer support team has made it possible.

Apart from these, there are some great Salesforce Service Cloud release features as well to look forward to in the Spring ’18 release.

Users who are familiar with Salesforce as an interface are really going to love these new release features, and in all likelihood adoption of Salesforce Customer Community will see an increase amongst savvy Salesforce users.

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