Things you should not do at Dreamforce

It’s that time of the year again when all the Salesforce biggies and the not-so-biggies come together for the Dreamforce event. Dreamforce brings together all Salesforce enthusiasts including Salesforce customers, partners and developers to share their practical knowledge and discuss about the upcoming technology developments and features of the Salesforce platform. So, if you are even remotely connected with Salesforce and are looking for enhancing your knowledge, you are sure to benefit from attending this four-day long event whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small start-up.

Dreamforce is the perfect ground for networking and knowledge improvement. With over 1,500 sessions and over 1,000 solutions from perhaps the best cloud development platform, the event provides information specific to every industry, role or company size. That basically means, you will have something to take back from Dreamforce no matter the kind of industry you operate in or your organization size. So, while you establish connections and gain information, here are a few things smart, lovely, witty and fun that you should avoid doing at Dreamforce –

  • Don’t just stick around people you already know. Network. Build your contacts; you never know who could actually help your business grow.
  • Don’t miss out on the sessions in order to socialize. The sessions are more important. If you have to choose between a networking night and an important session the next morning, choose the session. It is okay to not attend all events, all days. Take time to relax and unwind so that you are at your best when attending the sessions provided by the key players.
  • Don’t miss the Expo. You get everything there – helpful information, product upgrades and demos. If you thought this was just fun, think again!
  • Don’t forget updating your community profile with your information now. As a Dreamforce attendee, you will receive a badge that will spell out your name, your company name and have your picture on it. All of this information is pulled from your community profile so if that isn’t updated, you wouldn’t be able to give information about you later.
  • Don’t be an introvert. Go about introducing yourself to people you meet at the Expo, in the sessions or even in the elevator. Everyone around you is a potential business contact. Make use of the opportunity to get to know more and more people as well as letting them know about you. Truly speaking, it is networking that is the key component of Dreamforce.
  • Don’t over schedule your time. You cannot be attending everything. Period. Decide on what is important for you and keep yourself prepared for those sessions. If you plan to maximize your time and attend all sessions and events through these four days, you’ll actually end up under-optimizing your time.
  • Don’t get heavy gadgets, even your laptop unless you have something very light weight. With the amount of activity and rush around you, you will seldom find place to sit down and with so much of walking to do, carrying gadgets will soon seem daunting. An iPad or a tablet is a better option.