The impact of B2B eCommerce on the Manufacturing Industry

b2b commerce for manufacturing

The consumer today is entirely dependent on the internet – whether it is about shopping for furniture, electronics, groceries, baby-care products and even real-estate. The brick and mortar stores are now getting replaced by high-performance web and mobile storefronts. Digitalization has not just impacted retail stores, but also the B2B businesses and one of the main industries being impacted by the e-commercialization is the Manufacturing Industry.

A B2B eCommerce platform helps manufacturers and suppliers with an opportunity to meet constantly changing customers’ requirements. According to a recent study, “74% of B2B buyers indicate that buying from a website is more convenient than buying from a sales representative, and 93% prefer to buy online when they have already decided what to buy.”

From among the many positive impacts that B2B e-commerce storefronts have on the manufacturing sector, the main is that they help manufacturers improve their revenue stream by opening new sales opportunities and set them apart from their competition. Have a look at all these impacts and how B2B eCommerce is helping the manufacturing industry, discussed right here in detail.

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