The B2B eCommerce Highlights from Winter 2018 Release Notes

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With its winter 2018 release, Salesforce strengthens its commitment to offering users unique functionalities and the ability to build smarter apps. Powerful lead scoring, data discovery, and customer service functions promise e-commerce players an improved sales and analytics experience.

Read on to learn more about notable B2B e-commerce highlights from the winter 2018 release.

Lightning Experience

  • Merge person accounts:Sales reps can merge duplicate person accounts with business accounts,other contacts, and leads.
  • Multi-touch campaigns: This new feature makes it possible for marketing departments to view influence details and extract actionable insights. With first touch, marketing reps get information about the first interaction with prospects, and with last touch, they can seethe most successful campaigns.
  • Multiple currency functionality: Users can now enable multiple currencies across Lightning Experience, Salesforce classic, and the Salesforce1 mobile app without contacting support.
  • Add products to opportunities: Group, professional, enterprise, and developer editions on Lightning now allow sales reps to add products.
  • Customer support: Agents now have a larger and more flexible chat window.


Lightning Experience support is now available to every live agent, omni-channel, service contracts, macros, and more. B2B players can expand their field service operations with the Field Service Lightning app for Android. With the Lightning Report Builder, users can now build more detailed reports.

Customer Account Portal

The new Customer Account Portal (on Community Cloud) has been designed with account management in mind, giving customers a private and secure place to access account information:

  • Customers can create and update vital information in any Salesforce record. This means fewer calls to call centers as easy resolution of issues becomes possible.
  • B2B e-commerce players can easily integrate and expose data and processes from third-party systems via Salesforce Connect.
  • Customers can see important information in their Member Profile
  • Salesforce Knowledge gives answers to customer questions about products. Customers can also upload invoices,claims, and other documents
  • Brands can use geo location for audience targeting and create personalized content for customers based on location.

With dynamic branding, it is easy to change the appearance and style of the community based on the audience and Community Pulse. It displays the most important community metrics upfront in the Work spaces area.

Big Objects

E-commerce players can work on millions of records with Custom Big Objects and Async SOQL, which are both now generally available and useful for:

  • 360° view of the customer. Companies can extend their Salesforce data model to include detailed information from loyalty programs, e-commerce transactions, billing and provisioning information, and more.
  • Auditing and tracking. Companies can track and maintain a long-term view of the user or customer’s usage of Salesforce for analysis or compliance
  • Historical archive. Companies can maintain access to historical data for analysis or compliance while optimizing the performance of core CRM applications



Salesforce’s AI-powered Einstein is now open to trailblazers in every industry. Einstein Analytics has added smart features including more intuitive app creation, chart suggestions, and the Einstein Discovery story improver.

Wave Analytics is now Einstein Analytics, which includes multiple products:Einstein Analytics Platform, Einstein Discovery, pre-built apps, and more.With Einstein Search Dictionaries (in beta), shoppers can get more comprehensive search results. Using AI, Search Dictionaries suggest search terms that aren’t in the retail dictionary and also suggests synonym lists to add them to, saving companies both time and money.

All in all, the winter 2018 release brings good news on many fronts for B2B e-commerce Strategy brands, offering powerful functional ability for modern enterprises looking to strengthen their foothold in the space.

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