The 5 Biggest Success Stories of B2B Ecommerce – Part 1: What you can learn for your business

B2B e-commerce is among the fastest growing industries in the world and is estimated to surpass B2C e-commerce and reach 6.6 trillion USD by 2020. With this rise, B2B is bound to become more like B2C. This indicates that as with any other industry, numerous B2B companies would enjoy significant success. These companies have success stories associated with them that describe how they ascended the ladder and became thriving conglomerates.

If you feel that your business is lacking, check out 5 of the biggest success stories of B2B e-commerce that you can learn from.

General Electric

As the name suggests, General Electric provides electrical solutions for numerous segments, which include aviation, healthcare, power, digital products, oil and gas, and more. The company was founded in 1892 and has gradually evolved into one of the largest international B2B conglomerates. However, it has faced numerous roadblocks along the way.

One of the major challenges faced by large B2B organizations is that it’s difficult for them to simplify their complicated stories. While the work they’re doing is important and might help run the world, they aren’t able to show that in a fun and smart way. General Electric, however, hasn’t faced this problem recently. The company has told unique and creative stories with their ‘Ideas Are Scary’ and ‘Imagination at Work’ campaigns. The success of General Electric has shown that creativity in advertising can go a long way in building your brand and in improving your company’s success.


For 25 years, Polycom has been developing unique and smart audio, video, and collaborative technology. The company’s three-point phone is an iconic product that is used in conference rooms around the world. Recently, competition has increased as a bunch of low-cost options have been introduced.

Instead of offering products for lower prices themselves, Polycom has maintained its commitment towards providing the best solutions. The company has done so by remaining focused on fulfilling their client’s needs. This can be observed on the company’s website – the first phrase a visitor sees is ‘I need to’. This phrase achieves a lot by placing importance on the customer and his/her needs before anything else. A simple lesson that can be derived from Polycom’s success story is that customers’ needs must always come first.


ACME’s success shows how design is among the most important factors when constructing an e-commerce website. This company is among the major providers of tare and packaging for logistics operators and shippers. Packed with colors, images, and amazing animations, their website is designed to impress all types of visitors. As the cursor hovers over any yellow animation, the latter is turned into a text headline that perfectly complements the dark background.

While the design is made to impress, the website is clearly more focused towards its target groups, as there are different menus for different types of services. Instead of wasting time trying to find the service they are interested in, users can simply select the service they want and would be redirected to that section of the website.

While designing your website, ACME shows that you must focus on your target groups and use the best animations, pictures, and layouts. You’re bound to increase traffic by showcasing your website and demanding the attention of visitors.


A complex feature of B2B commerce is that your own success depends on the success of the businesses you’re selling to. Often, this isn’t enough for you to ensure your own accomplishments. EDYOO, however, has overcome this dependency by putting in some extra effort. The company, which primarily sells school supplies, has segmented its website into 3 important B2B target groups – schools, sellers, and bulk orders. This is similar to what ACME implements on its website.

Along with focusing on each target group and providing easier navigation, the company has partnered with numerous local schools. This partnership has led to the creation of an online portal that can be used by families to not only purchase school supplies but also to pay school fees. EDYOO shows that you can’t rely completely on the success of your clients and must come up with innovative ways to advance your own company.


Chocomize shows how SEO is still among the most prominent techniques to grow your e-commerce business. This company makes personalized corporate gifts and chocolates for businesses. Minimum order for Chocomize can range from 250-600 units. As the number of units gets closer to 10,000, significant discounts are offered. Due to these orders being large in terms of volume, one would assume that Google searches would yield top results that include online giants such as Lindt, Etsy, and Godiva. However, that isn’t the case as searches for ‘custom chocolate bars’ and ‘personalized chocolate bars’ have Chocomize as the top result.

The company focuses on using appropriate meta tags that target users, expanding the content on their pages, and by including numerous internal links to increase their page rank. By using appropriate meta tags, the number of clicks on Chocomize in the search results has increased, which significantly improved its ranking. The company’s great success can be attributed to numerous factors, but SEO is certainly among the most important. This shows how prominent SEO is in the e-commerce industry and how, when implanted properly, it can significantly increase your brand’s reach.

The world of B2B e-commerce is rapidly growing and your business might be lacking the traffic you think it deserves. Remember that success doesn’t depend solely on the quality of the product or service you offer. Instances of factors such as SEO, customers’ needs, website design, and more are seen in the biggest success stories associated with B2B e-commerce. By learning from these stories, you can inspire yourself to improve your business and enjoy significant success.