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Systems Integration

Docmation meets and exceeds rising customer expectations by dealing with the pain-points associated with ineffective operations management and unsynced data silos, which in turn boosts profitability and enabling operations to scale.

Master your brand’s customer data, deliver personalized and intelligent engagements, support services such as Fraud Management, Payment Processing, Payer Authentication and much more via Docmation’s customized system integrations and LINK cartridge services.


Strategy and Build

We unify your business functions and data by delivering features such as centralized management, run on demand to provide ease of use.


We help you attain global visibility of inventories across the unlimited number of distribution points.


We take into consideration multi-point distribution criteria, providing you highly optimized and automated operations.

Omnichannel services

We provide you access to the tools needed to aggregate orders across all consumer channels.

With Demandware LINK Marketplace, leverage unified customer data to increase KPIs across an array of channels, necessary for a brand dedicated to a unified commerce approach.

Along with seamless customer experience, cartridges benefit you with providing agility and flexibility, operational efficiency, growth acceleration and continuous innovation.

5 essential Demandware cartridges:

  • Clutch for gift and loyalty processing.

  • Listrak for email services.

  • GPShopper for mobile commerce.

  • Olapic for curation/ moderation tools

  • Experian for data quality.


What makes us different?

We follow:

  • Customer-focused approach

  • Agile deliveries

  • Strong QA

  • Flexible engagement models