Which Summer ‘19 Release Notes Highlights Are the Most Important, from the B2B Commerce Perspective?

Which Summer 19 Release Notes Highlights Are The Most Important from the B2B Commerce Perspective-Docmation

Salesforce offers Business-to-Business (B2B) Commerce solutions with numerous benefits that simplify online buying with the help of digital solutions, smart configurations, faster processing, and more. It helps you to create a unique storefront experience for your channel partners and customers who purchase goods and services from your company. Some of the solutions and the offered benefits are:

  • Tailor-made online eCommerce solutions for B2B customers that optimize daily functions (orders, replacement, scheduling, etc.), empower sales teams with metadata, enable channel partners with digital solutions, and more.
  • Increased customer engagement with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), personalized strategies and products, and higher connectivity with customers.
  • Smart purchasing process with a digital interface, optimized sales with SaaS, support the entire value chain with B2B2C experiences

Release Notes are brief, notable descriptions of improvements and added features in Salesforce products. They come with a host of tips, instructions, setup information, and best practices to ensure that your experience continues to be optimal.
Some of these changes are universal and affect all hosts immediately after they go live; others are administered and can only be set in motion by the user.

The latest release notes come forward with multiple functional updates to improve performance and productivity. These updates serve the entire ecosystem and well as individual stakeholders. Let’s take a closer look at some of these changes:

  • B2B Marketing with Google Analytics: The B2B Marketing package is integrating with Google Analytics to help companies track customer actions across their storefront to gather touchpoints like page views, reviews, etc.
  • Community Building Through Lightning Components: Create B2B digital interface for businesses using one of the many built-in components within Lightning Web. For example, the creation of a virtual storefront using the ‘Community Page Builder’ component. Functions like drag-and-drop, templates, and others help you put a homepage together easily.
  • Consolidated Authentication (Both B2B & B2C): All B2B commerce applications would now use a single user-profile for those using a ‘2-factor-authentication’ (2FA).
  • Connecting Commerce (Both B2B & B2C): Commerce connector enhancements help integrate the marketing and service data for a company using tools like personalized emails, documentation, storefront support ecosystem, and more to assist the workforce
  • Trust and Compliance Documentation: Customer Data definition aligned with Master Subscription Agreement and certain section heading are also updated for greater ease of use.
  • Shield Platform Encryption for Data Protection: This platform helps apply deterministic encryption to more than 50 data fields which are used by B2B commerce agents to increase data security and enhance customer trust.
  • SEO Changes: Higher quality search output to be delivered by search engine bots, which will help show more and better content about your business on external search engines.
  • Faster Navigation: The B2B storefront delivers better performance when the customer is browsing through the company’s pages.
  • Shopping Cart Page Updated: The updated Shopping Cart Page helps you to translate the business logic for the shopping cart more efficiently, and helps users with their shopping experience.
  • Customer and Admin Experience Enhanced: Manage the storefront better and easier use of the platform.

Along with concentrated improvements, some changes were introduced to enhance marketing and sales processes:

  • Marketing Cloud For Customers: This helps map customer journeys, create personalized customer experiences, measure the impact of these experiences, and initiate improvements in real-time.
  • Improved Sales Process: This includes Einstein Activity Capture for activity planning and data metrics, intelligent and flexible pricing using Einstein Pricing Guidance, and more impactful customer campaigns through Einstein Insights.

The release notes help businesses achieve their functional and strategic objectives. With time, the B2B commerce experience is changing and becoming faster and more efficient.

Many tools are added and many existing tools are enhanced in the field of sales and marketing. All these changes are brought about to assist the various stakeholders and the organization at large in making their businesses profitable.