Salesforce Lightning Bolt Just Got Better with Subscriptions Enablement!

Docmation’s Salesforce experts bring an innovative functionality that makes Salesforce Lightning Bolt experience 10x better


Salesforce Lightning Bolt, with its Apps, Lightning components, and industry process flows, allowed its users to get an industry-wide experience in a solution that was still tailored around their individual use case. However, there were still gaps that needed to be filled.

Customers wanted to integrate their CPQ and Billing with B2B Lightning while leveraging existing pricing rules and engines to automate the processes.

For instance – What about the recurring purchases? Most customer carts have, at least part of an order that belongs to the said category – be it weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. However, no such direct processes currently existed within the system.

Docmation’s team of Salesforce experts has launched the all-new ‘subscriptions accelerators’ functionality that works out-of-the-box to seamlessly automate CPQ and Billing processes with Lightning B2B store.

Here’s how 

1. Easy and Straightforward Implementation

Activating the subscriptions accelerator simply requires following some basic configuration steps and setting up the data with the product. Once done, the subscription records will be displayed in the storefront.

2. Managed Self-Service

The subscriptions accelerator functionality lets the user stay at the helm of his product purchases and licenses. From adding seats to the contract and making amendments to the product, its quantity, and installment frequency to renewing, pausing, or canceling existing contracts, the user can do them all without any assistance.

3. Real-time Syncing

Based on the opportunity that’s been created, a quote will be generated for approval. This approved quote will reflect in the invoice.

For instance – If a buyer applies for a discount, they can raise a code request and the CSR will be notified, who will look into the details and offer discounts that will then reflect in the cart in real-time and the buyer will be notified of it. Then, the buyer can happily check out.

4. Functional Validations to Prevent Common Cart Errors

There’s always the possibility that users lose track of their product subscriptions and billing frequencies during online purchases.

Thankfully, the in-built validations of the subscription accelerator can prevent them from purchasing additional products by mistake. The same validations can help add additional licenses to the existing subscription.

5. A Completely Scalable and Customizable Solution

Another important feature of the subscription accelerator functionality is its scalability. Depending upon the unique requirements of the user, changes can be made to the accelerator solution to best serve their needs.

The Need for Subscriptions Accelerator and How the Docmation Team Did It

Bestowing customers the flexibility they deserve and offering eCommerce merchants the sustainability they crave, the subscriptions accelerator is the need of the hour. With this new functionality that integrates CPQ Billing with B2B Lightning, it is now possible to –

1. See a Higher Customer Retention Ratio

The subscriptions accelerator functionality will help increase revenue by up-selling or cross-selling relevant products. As good as that is, the better news is that this will not be a one-time increase – the functionality will help in retaining more customers for improved business stability.

2. Experience Higher Business Predictability

The pay-once model can end up being confusing when it comes to matters of inventory replenishment and total turnover. The subscriptions accelerator turns the tables by giving an exact number for the items that need to be stocked and the revenue that may be expected within a specified period.

3. Better Customer Relationships

Since customers are the greatest business assets, ensuring their satisfaction and convenience is paramount to the success of any B2B storefront.

The subscriptions accelerator opens doors for more personalized experiences – tailored recommendations, discounts, and ads, thereby increasing opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. The result? Solid client relations and brand advocacy.

While developing the Subscriptions accelerator functionality, Docmation’s Salesforce experts have kept the customer at the front and center of it all. They have sensed the gnawing need to close the gap preventing seamless CPQ Billing automation in Lightning B2B store and have designed processes that work out-of-the-box. This is an endeavor to offer a sensible alternative to frequent buying and streamline business processes.