Salesforce Einstein AI – Deliver Smarter and More Connected Experiences

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Salesforce Einstein AI, in simple terms, is a smart CRM assistant. While assistants have made their mark as new-age imperatives, the advent of Einstein empowers businesses in many ways, the foremost being insights and predictions. 

Salesforce Einstein extracts valuable insights from impenetrable data and uses it to revolutionize how customers and B2B eCommerce connect. It’s AI-powered,  smarter, and multi-pronged in its approach.

Here is how Salesforce Einstein AI empowers organizations:

  • Renders unintelligible and hidden data intelligible and discoverable. 
  • Adds predictability to the major business functions across all industries.
  • Assists in actions like personalized offers by offering recommendations.
  • Automates recurring processes with repetitive functions and workflows.

Salesforce Einstein is a disruptive technology transforming how businesses function. 

Three major questions about Salesforce Einstein AI

1. What is Salesforce Einstein AI?

A first of its kind, Salesforce Einstein is the AI-enabled CRM assistant. A set of latest AI technologies embedded in Einstein sets it apart from the rest as the smartest and premium CRM assistant.

2. Does salesforce use AI?

Salesforce Einstein thrives on AI technology. Integrating Salesforce CRM and Einstein enhances the AI capabilities of the CRM system, taps into untapped data to offer reliable predictive analytics, and has the capability to process natural language.

3. Is Einstein included in Salesforce?

Salesforce Einstein is a separate technology. But it easily integrates with Salesforce technologies, like Salesforce CRM. Einstein, and functions it stands for, use the same data as Salesforce,  thereby making actions smarter and contextualized.

Salesforce’s Einstein is the quantum leap forward in the utilization of artificial intelligence to revolutionize customer-business relationships. Adding AI capability to the CRM changes how customer interactions take place.

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing turns data into intelligible visuals. Therefore, helping account managers keep track of sales contracts, agreements, and orders.

However, to reap the benefits of Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing, Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is imperative.

Touted as a game-changer, Salesforce Einstein Implementation has shattered all limits of expectations in terms of its utility and capability it adds to a CRM. 

However, it is equally true that before you start counting on its benefits, the focus should center on properly implementing Salesforce Einstein. That undoubtedly entails availing service of Salesforce Einstein Consultant Atlanta to catapult a CRM system into AI-driven intelligence.

A Brief Intro to Salesforce Einstein AI

Over the years, Salesforce has churned out a lot of AI applications. Quite remarkably though, these applications work in tandem and offer a unified experience across Salesforce. Einstein, to say the least, is an umbrella term encompassing all these AI applications. 

To simplify things, let’s consider an example. Integration of Einstein Bots in the Salesforce Service Cloud automates client-business chats. As a result, service agents get plenty of time to undertake other vital functions of a business.

A basic truth that needs to be appreciated is that it’s existing Salesforce applications that AI is being incorporated into.  Commerce Cloud Einstein is therefore pretty much an ensemble of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Einstein AI.

Consequently, a business gets Einstein Cloud Benefits that leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein. Einstein in essence resembles a philosopher’s stone, turning Salesforce apps such as Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, etc. into AI-capable smart assistants.

This also means users can be assisted irrespective of their standing, function, or role in the sales process.  No matter which Salesforce product they use, personalized service will always be a given!  

Cocktail of AI and Salesforce Einstein

Artificial Intelligence no longer is a far-fetched, sci-fi term. Right or wrong, we interpret it in our own ways. We live in an era where AI is transforming every industry it comes in contact with.

Salesforce Einstein is an AI powerhouse. And it facilitates data convergence all over Salesforce. This is necessary for automation of tasks, or for churning out personalized recommendations. 

AI Catapults Salesforce Einstein into Smartest Assistant. Here is How:

  • Voice input: Einstein listens and understands voice input. It’s due to AI that Salesforce Einstein can comprehend human speech, so you can speak to it directly.
  • Natural language comprehension: Not only does Salesforce Einstein listen when you speak but it also processes and comprehends your voice input and responds accordingly.
  • Voice output: AI has made Salesforce Einstein into a creative and intelligent conversationalist. It speaks back and provides the right information.
  • Intelligent interpretation: Interpreting a message demands intelligence. Salesforce Einstein has AI-powered intelligence and can intelligently interpret voice input using user data to provide a well-informed response.

How Einstein Analytics Help Explore Data and Extract Insights?

Salesforce users know how to tap into operational reports of a business. Salesforce CRM has been efficient in tracking the customer journey from the first interaction to the final checkout. All data generated, across various channels, can be viewed from a unified dashboard.

Leveraging it, users gauge performance and dig into data to explore insights. But there’s a catch! The volume of customer data has just grown astronomically. That has made exploring it impractical if done manually.

That brings us to Salesforce Einstein Analytics, which has been addressing this challenge ever since its advent. Einstein Analytics Help and empower CRM users to analyze large volumes of data and uncover valuable insights.

Einstein Analytics Salesforce as said earlier is AI-powered. It’s capable of providing advanced analytics. Sales reps, marketers, service agents, and analysts can take advantage of Einstein technology to extract insights imperative for making customer interactions contextual, smarter, and quicker.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics can automatically sift through and analyze voluminous amounts of data. Predictive insights and recommendations generated thereof help unlock untapped potential and explore new opportunities.

A few things to know about Einstein Analytics:

  • Einstein Analytics Salesforce makes data exploration less hectic. Its smart artificial intelligence capabilities provide advanced analytics that can be viewed right in Salesforce dashboards.
  • All query data can be stored and managed using Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL). Additionally, dashboards can also be customized programmatically for better comprehension.
  • Einstein Analytics integrates easily with Salesforce Clouds such as Service, Sales, and Marketing. However, a business can also custom build its own analytics apps.
  • Einstein Analytics offers flexibility to mass-produce valuable charts from datasets. Data tables can be transformed into informative and easy to comprehend visualizations. And no deep thinking is required to understand these visuals.

All you need to know about Einstein Platform Salesforce

Business operations differ from industry to industry and Salesforce in that respect has been responsive and flexible to adapt to how the business operates and offers services accordingly.

Einstein Platform Salesforce too is highly customizable. Its powerful tools that rely on artificial intelligence allow admins and developers to create and customize smart AI-driven assistants to suit their business.

Einstein Platform facilitates the building of robust assistants with the capability to comprehend voice input, interpret natural language, and give voice output. As a result, businesses can now better understand and serve their customers.

Using Einstein Platform Services, customers get to interact directly with smart assistants in order to receive quick responses to their queries. This is a remarkable achievement of AI as it relieves the support staff from the extra burden of handling customer interactions.

How Exactly Salesforce Einstein Analytics Benefits your Business?

Salesforce Einstein has B2B eCommerce wondering how it benefits and offers businesses B2B Commerce Solutions. The Salesforce Einstein Community knows where its benefits lie.

But for the edification of others who don’t yet know how exactly Salesforce Einstein AI benefits  businesses, here are few points:

  • From an IT point of view, Salesforce Einstein AI helps businesses create AI-capable apps for every business process they can think of automating.
  • From a Sales point of view, Einstein empowers sales reps by providing data and analytics to uncover leads and opportunities previously untapped. Therefore, it plays a significant role in increasing ROI, conversion rates, and deals.
  • From a Services point of view, Einstein empowers customers by helping them get answers instantly, irrespective of channels they use.  Agents on the other hand get to resolve queries a lot quicker because the customer is easily accessible.
  • From a marketing point of view, Salesforce Einstein AI helps marketers with branding more efficiently by offering insights on which customers to target and marketing messages to use. As a result, customers better relate to a contextualized marketing message and respond affirmatively.
  • From a Commerce point of view, by leveraging Einstein retailers, manufacturers can send out product recommendations tailored specifically for an individual customer based on his/her previous interactions, purchases, etc. That improves sales and boosts revenue.


Salesforce Einstein AI has proved to be a harbinger of connected customer experience and smarter commerce solutions across industries. Data is being put to use to turn the fortunes of a business. 

Predictive analytics has become integral to all functionalities of a business. The future course of action is being carved out using artificial intelligence. Customers get issues resolved a lot quicker. In short, the very B2B commerce arena has changed with the advent of Einstein Salesforce.

That said, here is some data extracted from the Salesforce Trailhead guide on getting started with Einstein to leave you with:

  • Einstein is responsible for increasing lead conversion by 2.35x.
  • Einstein is responsible for increasing the productivity of sales reps by 20% by automating data entry, which was previously done manually. 
  • Einstein is responsible for increasing the conversion rate and revenue by 9.6% and 15.5% respectively.