Salesforce CPQ, AI for Smart Selling

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Did you know?

Sales teams embracing AI are seeing an expansion in leads and arrangements of over half, cost decreases of 40%–60%, and call time decreases of 60%–70%, as per the Harvard Business Review.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) demonstrates the possibility to lessen the most tedious, manual errands that keep the sales team from investing more energy with clients.

Salesforce utilizes CRM and Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) to proceed to create and tweak their digital-assistants, which are explicitly intended to enable the sales team to get the most incentive from AI.

We are seeing a change in outlook in sales from being reactive to proactive, and from instinct-driven to insight- and data-driven.

Business Need

  • In today’s customer market, consumers demand instant quotes and product visualization to help them make faster decisions.
  • It has also become essential for manufacturers to survive in a competitive sales space. The needs of the hour are to close businesses faster and meet high demands for personalized products, in addition to increasing sales and productivity.


  • Interactive sales acceleration software like CPQ enables B2B manufacturers to provide fast and 100% accurate quotes to their customers. Real-time inputs on item accessibility, borders, and transportation plans also improve the customer experience.
  • Pricing and real-time quotes for specific configurations, based on customer requirements, make CPQ imperative for accelerated sales and better revenue. CPQ enables customers to modify specifications and update prices, recommending several options to help customers make smarter decisions. Pricing optimization, increasing sales/revenue, and allowing sales teams to design or configure solutions for customers are CPQ’s main benefits.

Price Smarter and Influence Sales Behaviour

Pricing is still an area that most sales and marketing teams learn to do by trial and error.

By being able to analyze price data, purchase history, discounts, participation in promotional programs, and many other factors, artificial intelligence and machine learning can calculate the price elasticity of a given customer, making an optimized price more viable.

Smart sales companies are looking to get ahead of the curve by mining their own deal data and operationalizing individualized pricing recommendations. Comprehending what rebate, assuming any, to give a customer is constantly a dubious circumstance.

62% of top performers predict the adoption of guided sales and accelerating based on their ability to rank potential opportunities.

How to use Salesforce to Reduce your Churn?

All that hard work will be futile if your clients begin dropping their records after a month or so. Salesforce can make holding your clients or possibly decreasing your stir rate somewhat simpler by empowering you to get a 360° perspective on each customer.

Truth be told, contingent upon your specialty, client obtaining can be 5-25x more costly than client maintenance.

AI can’t supplant the estimation of human cooperation with regards to building associations with clients, yet it can make them more astute and increasingly profitable through guided selling and automating the operational activity, permitting salespeople to concentrate on their essential occupation: Delivering value to customers and building loyalty that leads to organic revenue growth.

Comprehending the numerous difficulties of sales engineering scheduling, sales enablement support, and committing the best measure of time to the most high-esteem accounts is getting unraveled with AI.

AI improves a sales rep’s time so they can start with one client meeting then onto the next, committing their opportunity to the most valuable prospects.

In the End

CPQ is the favored “go-to” tool in the current market as it offers superior comprehension of client needs and helps them act rapidly, bringing more noteworthy exactness, precision, speed, and improvement in each part of the business cycle; from product pricing to complex product configurations.

Today, manufacturers are turning to Salesforce CPQ and Billing implementation, as it provides features such as additional sales and cross-selling, which helps sellers offer multiple options to the customer, get more business, and help the customer make smart decisions.

Modern technological tools have emerged, such as the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) with CPQ, which makes business analysis much easier, faster, and cheaper, along with transparency in real-time.

As technology advances, salesforce CPQ users now have access to mobile-enabled CPQ tools that enable sales reps to create quotes based on the needs of their customers anywhere and, anytime.

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