Salesforce Commerce Cloud smartly tweaks Data Privacy according to new GDPR rules with its Spring ’18 Release

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The Salesforce Spring ‘18 release is packed with over 300 innovations that can organically transform the user experience with more individualized and enhanced data privacy features across the platform.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – A new leading light towards privacy will go under effect on May 25th, 2018, exerting influence on every retailer conducting business in the European Union (EU).

The GDPR augments the data privacy rights of EU citizens and enforces new obligations on marketer who handle EU-based personal data.

Does GDPR affect your organization?

If you are processing personal data in the context of an organization established in the European Union, the GDPR will apply to you, regardless of whether you are dealing with it in the EU or

not. “Processing” means any operation performed on personal data, such as compilation,

accumulation, proclamation or deletion in order to change or preserve it. If you are not established in the EU, the GDPR will still concern to you if you are offering goods or services (whether paid or free) to EU data subjects or monitoring their behaviors.

Monitoring can be anything from putting cookies on a website to tracking the browsing behavior of data subjects to high tech scrutinized activities.

GDPR Key Features under Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is designed specifically for growth and enhancing user experience.

Their model empowers continuous innovations in the form of mint features delivered seamlessly throughout the year,

enabling retailers to take advantage of the latest enhancements and trends in digital commerce and readily benefit their customers.

Easier Allocation Rules for faster, more customized Shipping and Logistics Management

Speed to market is critical and innovation is a necessity as digital commerce continues to gain pace.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Cloudcraze) helps increase your agility and ability to adapt in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

Ship faster with customizable order management allocation rules. Allocation rules allow your customers to reduce complexity around shipping logistics.

Your store admins can easily arrange and prioritize how items are shipped and where they are shipped from.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Analytics further enables you to create relevant customer experiences with the help of its advanced reporting and predictive intelligence.

Empower customers with complete Data rights

Customers can invocate that you stop accessing or reorienting their personal data. 

Salesforce enables you with two tools to apply accordingly when presented with a Restriction of the Processing request, either a new API for data export or data erasure.

There may be many reasons why customers wish to get their personal data deleted.For instance, if the customers wish to end their relationship with a brand.

Salesforce facilitates you to drop customers’ orders and tracking statistics, enabling you to adhere to the Right to Be Forgotten if an EU customer creates a request.

Data Export Possible with Salesforce Commerce Cloud API

Salesforce provides you with an added feature of providing your customers with a data export facility.

The customers can demand to extract personal data in a structured, machine-readable format in order to transmit relevant data to another source.

To add to this, you yourself can create a data export using a new API for data export.

Customers way to their Will

Salesforce lets you stay close to your customers. By far, this is the most important part. Salesforce brands itself as a “customer company.”

Ever since the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze) Acquisition, Salesforce customers can track all interactions and transactions with their B2B customers. 

But now, Salesforce has come up with yet another guarded aspect of consent i.e. the “Do Not Track” flag for providing you with a solution to manage personal data of your customers.

Customers can use this feature to object to the processing of their personal data with respect to receiving marketing communications, online tracking, and user profiling.


Keeping the customer’s data secure and private is as much of a priority for Salesforce and Commerce Cloud as it is for you.

With the easier allocation rules for faster shipment, complete data rights: Right to be forgotten, ‘Do not track’ flag, data export facilities,

commerce cloud continuously implements robust technical and organizational security controls to establish reliable, docile, and secure commerce operations.

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