Salesforce B2B eCommerce: Selling Made Easy

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The B2B world is rapidly evolving; the digital revolution has reshaped how businesses choose vendors and place orders.

According to a Salesforce report, more than 80% of online B2B customers believe that the consistency of a company’s customer experience is as relevant as the goods and services it provides.

According to the study, 70% of these businesses want vendors to have ‘Amazon-like’ online shopping experiences, showing that they want their customers’ journeys to be seamless.

How do you cater to the needs of digital natives? What would it take to make online B2B buying as pleasant as possible? You’ll need a robust e-commerce platform that can handle digital transactions and give corporate customers a pleasant experience.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud for B2B?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud for B2B is designed to make it easier for B2B businesses to establish online commerce and provide their customers with the best shopping experience possible.

Since business customers have different needs than retail buyers, the B2B Commerce Cloud includes features such as:

  • Authenticated sites with secured logins for visitors
  • Thousands of products per order can be accommodated in shopping carts
  • Fast and easy reorders
  • Customization options for storefront design
  • Online product catalogs
  • Negotiated pricing feature
  • Shipping to multiple locations and various delivery dates
  • Purchase orders, credit cards, and automated clearing are both safe and versatile payment solutions
  • Buyer purchase history
  • Advanced search functionality

Salesforce B2B Commerce is built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform and comes pre-integrated with Salesforce CRM data from Service, Sales, and Community Cloud.

Salesforce B2B Commerce is indeed an eCommerce platform that enables businesses to transfer their business-to-business (B2B) orders to a more competitive online channel that many customers prefer.

It simplifies and improves those customers’ online shopping experiences, allowing businesses to increase sales and boost operating margins.

Some quantified benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Due to enhanced performance from out-of-the-box capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s core features and toolkit, organizations saw a 35% improvement in annual revenue.
  • Through the use of Einstein’s predictive intelligence and insights, companies announced a 20% increase in attributable sales.
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s native capabilities enable digital teams to be more agile, resulting in a 50 percent increase in efficiency for advertisers, retailers, and IT resources supporting eCommerce.
  • Salesforce’s SaaS model allows for a faster time-to-value. Organizations can launch new eCommerce sites more swiftly than they could on previous platforms. Salesforce Commerce Cloud reportedly reduced time-to-market by 33% for businesses.

Some unquantified benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Increased customer loyalty and improved customer service. Customers enjoy the ability to order 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have access to all order-related documentation online.
  • Time is freed up for revenue-generating operations, thanks to better-informed sales and customer service teams. Sales and customer service teams will re-allocate the time they no longer spend taking orders or monitoring order status to generate more revenue. When a customer does speak with a salesperson or a customer service representative, such interactions may be more fruitful “selling” conversations based on real-time and more detailed account details.
  • Native partnerships with other Salesforce systems make it easier to provide a holistic view of customers. Salesforce B2B Commerce can be easily integrated with a variety of third-party applications.

Make online B2B selling highly effective with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is power-packed with features that let you create unforgettable shopping experiences for your customers. You will benefit from the novel product in the following ways:

1. Tailor solutions to the needs of your customers

B2B digital selling success depends on the personalization of the buying experience. Customers are 2.1 times more likely to consider personalized offers more than generic messages, emails, and newsletters tailored to a customer’s particular concerns are likely to receive 220 percent more attention than those that aren’t.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to effectively personalize customer engagement. The product gives you a 360-degree view of your customer, allowing you to find the best solution for his specific needs.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s omnichannel insights into customer need also help you personalize retargeted deals with a high degree of efficacy.

2. Product lists, personalized prices, and multiple payment methods

Create individual product catalogs, bespoke payment solutions, and quick but safe order processes to simplify and customize the processes involved in closing sales and building customer loyalty. With diversified interactions for each account, experiences become smarter and more automated.

3. Hierarchical structures and approval procedures are combined with a user-friendly format

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a unified ecosystem that allows you to simplify the customer buying experience while maintaining complete control over each company’s purchasing process.

Commerce Cloud enables the development of optimized hierarchical structures for account setup, as well as automated approval processes with no bottlenecks.

4. Predictive intelligence improves the shopping experience

Working with an ever-growing stack of 3rd party integrations has the drawback of causing your business’s systems to become increasingly disconnected. When one ceases assisting the other, the business will come to a halt.

Commerce Cloud’s predictive intelligence makes this easier, eliminating the need for manual data processing and a slew of third-party tools.

Einstein is Commerce Cloud’s next-generation artificial intelligence.  This technology enables brands to deliver a delightful, personalized shopping experience across all channels in real-time, without disrupting the user’s experience. With Einstein, brands can:

  • Recommend the best products at every touchpoint
  • Generate 1:1 predictions for every single shopper in real-time
  • Get smart and increase conversions with data-driven commerce insights
  • Save time and effort with automated merchandising tasks‍

Commerce Cloud’s tight personalization is critical for brands that want to remain competitive. Customers are seeking more personalization than ever before.

5. Management for Multiple Stores

Organizations can handle multiple storefronts or brands from a single platform with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. SFCC is the ideal solution for companies with brands that cover several time zones, continents, currencies, and languages.

Commerce Cloud’s multi-store management capabilities include:

  • Multi-Site management and localization
  • Unique websites for every country
  • Optimal content that matches the culture and language

6. Being Mobile First

According to Business Insider Intelligence, mobile commerce volume is expected to grow at a 25.5 percent CAGR from 2019 to $488.0 billion in 2024, accounting for 44 percent of all e-commerce.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides businesses with a suite of features to help them up to their mobile game.

Businesses can use Salesforce eCommerce integration to make their online stores mobile-friendly, optimize micro-moments, and allow one-touch payments, among other things.

7. All the functionalities of a B2B eCommerce site

Since Commerce Cloud integrates with all Salesforce sales and customer service technologies, you can improve your B2B customer experience.

You can provide creative features in the sector, facilitate online shopping, and create a mutual growth path with your partners, suppliers, and customers with centralized management.

You can accelerate innovation processes, refresh your organization, and develop a scalable business model that can be continuously updated by using Salesforce technologies for B2B eCommerce.

You can also increase the pace of all your operations, lower your operating costs, and better manage your resources.

Some More Alluring Functionalities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • With full-featured social extensions, you can expand your business’s scope.
  • Integrate pricing, catalogs, and merchandise to simplify merchandising efforts.
  • You can improve the eCommerce store’s online presence with state-of-the-art in-built SEO functionalities.
  • By linking customers’ data with Salesforce commerce cloud CRM, merchants can better direct and engage customers.
  • Data from first, second, and third-party sources, such as ERP payment systems, can be integrated.
  • Developers may use knowledge exchange platforms to address key problems and future possibilities.
  • To improve the shopping experience, ML tools were used to power product recommendations and advanced customer segmentation attributes.

Supercharge Your Efforts with Commerce Cloud

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud is a dedicated eCommerce platform that integrates robust B2B Commerce functionality with the power of Salesforce cloud integration.

B2B businesses can improve revenue and conversion rates by offering a consumer-like eCommerce experience through Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Companies can have a single, complete view of their B2B customer thanks to B2B-specific features like account hierarchies, complex pricing, personalized catalogs, and account management, as well as native integration with Salesforce CRM customer data like accounts and contacts for a truly omnichannel B2B customer experience.

For a consistent customer experience across all platforms, B2B commerce data can be linked to Marketing, Sales, Communities, and Service Cloud.

Docmation will assist you in assessing how Commerce Cloud will best benefit your business. Docmation has over ten years of Salesforce Commerce Cloud experience and can assist you in choosing the best package for your budget and business needs.

To supercharge your eCommerce efforts, work with Docmation to introduce and customize SFCC. Docmation is a leading Salesforce deployment partner, with over 100 certified architects and engineers and 200+ launched SFCC sites on record.

Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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