Salesforce B2B Ecommerce – Digital Native Brands Drive the “New Normal”

Salesforce B2B Ecommerce – Digital Native Brands Drive the "New Normal"

Transitioning to the realm of digital

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic left its mark, and changes initiated by it in the realm of ecommerce are here to stay.

Dissipating tradition is paving the way for digitization. So is consumer behavior, which is changing too.

Take for instance physical shopping and how it’s been subjected to a complete makeover, which even a vaccine couldn’t put an end to.

And digitally native brands have become the driving force that’s sustaining global eCommerce and driving the new normal.

Since digital-first is the new normal, Small Business eCommerce Solutions are in vogue.

And leading the way is Salesforce B2B Commerce. In fact, B2B eCommerce Software is helping brands transition to the realm of digital.

Its ecommerce services have been top-notch, catapulting businesses into the era of digital-first commerce at speeds never seen before.

At lower costs, using B2B eCommerce, businesses can now make use of various digital channels and can leverage newer and flexible marketing models.

Given the nature of the COVID-19 era and changes brought by it, a business, no matter how small or how big, will need to adapt, evolve, and scale through the medium of the internet.

And this transition to online business-to-business commerce is made easy with Salesforce B2B eCommerce.

The pandemic is nowhere close to an end

The end is not in sight as far as the COVID-19 pandemic is concerned. Complacency on part of a business has the potential to doom the business.

Therefore, the first thing to do for any business or brand would be to prepare to shift to digital commerce.

It’s the only way for a business to thrive in the midst of a pandemic.

Salesforce lets you create a B2B eCommerce Portal. Using its self-help service on how to improve your eCommerce website comes handy and makes transition easy, fast, and smooth.

Availing its digital architecture streamlines its implementation and ensures not just the survival of a business but also its scalability in the midst of COVID-19.

Shift to ecommerce

Businesses are on the lookout for customers, but they’re not found in brick-and-mortar stores while coronavirus is wreaking havoc. The only channel left open is online shopping.

B2B buyers are turning to online shopping in large numbers. And it’s here that businesses have the opportunity to catch hold of buyers. If anything, COVID-19 has only accelerated the shift to ecommerce.

That’s why we’ve been seeing a steady decline in sales recorded at department stores! In fact, studies report a 75% decline! And this is happening when ecommerce is recording a 20% growth.

In every respect, B2B e-commerce growth has been remarkable despite the pandemic.

The shift to ecommerce, which is presently the new normal we’re seeing, has necessitated omnichannel fulfillment capability, the absence of which can drive a business out of competition.

At the same time, the new normal also calls for brands to make optimal use of digital channels to drive traffic to their business.

And also in vogue are B2B eCommerce features such as buy online or ship-from-store services.

B2B eCommerce Market is thriving and so are B2B eCommerce Sales, and the question is how?

The only explanation that qualifies as an answer to this question is the shift to e-commerce.

It’s a fact, and we all know it, that shift to e-commerce brings great dividends.

Take the case of Walmart, which has been investing in e-commerce extensively.

Its sales have gone up by 97% during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, it’s not about how fast the B2B eCommerce marketplace has grown that is of primary concern here but how it managed to record stellar growth.

The answer undoubtedly is e-commerce and the immense opportunities created by it while brick-and-mortar retail remained shut.

So, it’s safe to say that digital-first or digital native brands have been driving the new normal and Salesforce B2B Commerce has been its partner in growth throughout this journey.

Salesforce B2B e-commerce is the new normal driving global commerce

No one has a shred of a doubt about eCommerce being the new normal. However, eCommerce has its new normal too in cloud technology and businesses worldwide are hustling to get on it.

And Salesforce B2B Commerce is the best cloud-based  B2B eCommerce Platform available that businesses of all sizes have been deploying to transform their digital commerce solutions and meet consumer expectations set by the new normal.

We’ve come a long way in cloud technology and today it’s a matter of survival for retailers.

Adoption of the cloud is an absolute necessity for a business. Salesforce stands out among B2B eCommerce Companies for its robust cloud-based solutions.

Ever since its advent Salesforce B2B Commerce has been offering retailers a scalable cloud platform to deliver customized, personalized, and intelligent digital shopping experiences. And has been the force driving e-commerce growth.

B2B eCommerce Solutions satisfy key business drivers …

1) Scalability

The primary goal of any business is to drive growth. But do you have the infrastructural capability to facilitate scalability? Growth means high traffic, high transaction volume, and of course large numbers of sales.

To handle all of this demands infrastructure capable of withstanding such tremendous growth.

Salesforce B2B eCommerce provides you infrastructural stability so that you can scale to any levels seamlessly and faster.

2) Innovation

The kind of innovation we see in e-commerce is driven by consumer expectations, shopping experiences, and also by trends in the ecommerce industry.

Therefore, you need speed to meet shopper expectations on the go.

Here too Salesforce B2B e-commerce is proving extremely useful for it is innovation-friendly as an e-commerce platform.

3) Speed

The speed at which you reach the market with Salesforce B2B Commerce is unmatchable.

From the launch of a site to the first transaction, it takesrelatively less time, and time saved is revenue earned.

Given the urgency, retailers have in order to reach the market, the lightning speed of Salesforce matters and get your business to the market very quickly.

In fact, speed is critical to a business’s success and Salesforce promises plenty of it.

4) Integrated Shopping Experience

B2B commerce is spread over various channels. That’s why shoppers expect an integrated, unified, and seamless experience across the entire eCommerce customer lifecycle, including but not confined to marketing, commerce, and service.

Salesforce B2B eCommerce integrates a shopper’s experience across channels, including online, mobile,  CRM, CPQ, etc.

It’s good for customers, but what do you get as a retailer? You get a unified viewing experience where customer’s order history, products, and even behavior are presentable in an integrated manner.

How to leverage digital transformation

COVID-19 fast-tracked digital transformation. What usually took years to materialize has been rendered complete in a matter of weeks.

And it carved out a lightning quick roadmap for digital transformation where retailers could experiment with new offerings.

From B2B eCommerce Marketing to sales, and services, every e-commerce experience has been digitized.

Here’s how you too can leverage digital transformation

  • Deploy technology

Technology isn’t an enemy; it’s a friend of commerce! Learn to embrace technology in its myriad forms.

Its deployment means you’ll be able to cash in on countless opportunities made available to businesses due to the surge in digital shopping in the midst of COVID-19.

Earlier it was convenience, but now it’s the safety that consumers focus on. And technology is the means to achieve safety. And it also offers integration across commerce, marketing, and service.

  • Instill agility

Crisis situations like a pandemic give not much time to act. You need to instill agility, which comes with digital transformation, in order to respond quickly to such situations.

And Salesforce B2B Commerce offers a robust virtual commerce experience that has terrific agility to beat any crisis situation.

Use Salesforce B2B eCommerce to nurture the eCommerce customer lifecycle

Building and nurturing customer relationships are a key to success in business-to-business commerce.

Therefore, priority should be given to improving the customer lifecycle and using it to advance your business.

Here too, digital transformation is something that can be used to nurture customer relations all through his/her journey in the sales funnel.

Salesforce B2B Commerce equips you with the right set of tools to transform your customer experience.

  • Reach new customers:

To transform the e-commerce customer lifecycle, you need the marketing prowess of Salesforce B2B Commerce. Coupling it with the right content makes a winning combination.

It’ll empower your business to reach more customers and entice them throughout their lifecycle.

  • Acquire new customers:

After reaching your customers, it’s now the job of content and other customer experience offered by Salesforce B2B Commerce to facilitate customer acquisition.

The personalized experience offered by Salesforce B2B eCommerce comes handy in this regard and improves chances of acquisition and conversion.

Salesforce B2B Commerce is a gateway to robust customer experience. Therefore, by deploying Salesforce B2B Commerce, you help nurture the customer lifecycle, maximizing potential revenue from each customer interaction. It also promotes upselling.

And at the same time, customers get a unified, personalized, and integrated shopping experience at every step in their sales process which helps instill brand loyalty.