Salesforce B2B Commerce: The Path Forward


In 2018, Salesforce acquired a powerful B2B ecommerce tool called CloudCraze to develop its new software called Salesforce B2B Commerce.

Salesforce B2B Commerce caters to businesses that sell complex products, including both services and ancillary supplies. It helps these businesses manage their inventory, volume of orders, customer-specific prices, and more.

Businesses can also gain deeper insights using the information provided by customers themselves, usually through digital self-service.

Moreover, by allowing customers to directly participate in the sales cycle, the software grants the sales team with immediate information about customers’ purchases, resulting in reduced administrative burden.

The team can utilize their time and efforts in upselling, cross-selling, product development, and customer acquisition. Therefore, Salesforce B2B Commerce can revolutionize your company’s sales transactions.

Here are a few ways in which employing Salesforce B2B Commerce software will help your company progress in the digital era.

Increasing Customer Accessibility

By offering an ecommerce portal, Salesforce B2B Commerce makes it easier for your company to reach customers across different cities, states, and countries.

With ecommerce sites working round the clock, time restrictions are removed, allowing customers to place orders at any point during the day. The online portal also supports multiple languages, currencies, customer-specific pricing, and international shipping. 

Managing Orders

Every order placed is a sales transaction that needs to be tracked, starting from product selection all the way through payment and delivery.

Salesforce B2B commerce helps your company process payments, keep transaction and customer records, manage customer information, create bills and invoices, provide analytics and reporting, and tackle accounting. All these functions are carried out in a quick and efficient manner so that your resources are focused on increasing revenue.

Managing Inventory

Salesforce B2B Commerce segregates your products based on stock-keeping units and variations such as color, quantity, size, images, and names.

Therefore, it enables you to organize and catalog your products as you please. The software also sends you a notification in case of low inventory.  This helps you keep track of your current inventory and stay informed regarding subsequent requirements for the future. 

Reducing Costs

By employing Salesforce B2B Commerce, you can focus on delivering quality to your customers without hiring expensive IT resources.

The SaaS solution brings with it all the technology and resources that your team requires for launching new products and expanding your business. All you have to do is opt for a Salesforce B2B Commerce subscription and you can cut down on unnecessary ecommerce infrastructural costs. 

Enhancing Customer Experience

The Salesforce B2B Commerce portal works to enhance customer experiences by enabling them to efficiently find what they need from your store.

By keeping a track of customers’ purchase history, the portal provides a personalized dashboard to your customers. This consists of managing orders, accounts, checking order status, payment, and shipping data management. As a result, customers can keep track of their orders any time, from any location. 

Salesforce B2B commerce is revolutionizing the retail industry across the world. It has proven to be advantageous for retailers and consumers alike.

For a company hoping to increase their sales transactions and subsequently their return on investments, Salesforce B2B Commerce provides them with the IT resources they need to conduct operations like managing orders and inventory, reducing costs, and enhancing customer experiences. It allows companies to focus purely on delivering quality products to their customers without worrying about the statistics behind it all.