Why Partnership Automation is the Next Big Growth Channel?


The market is changing rapidly. With this change in the market, ways of doing business are also evolving as quickly as every few days. To be relevant and to boost sales and brand awareness, retailers these days are working with various types of partners.

Major partner types that successful retailers work with include influencers, publishers, and app developers. Partnership automation makes working with these partners easy and effortless by automating manual processes.

We now understand the partner types and how the role of partnership automation makes the process smoother, but how does it happen? Let’s discuss further.

What Exactly is Partnership Automation?

We can define automation as “the use or introduction of automatic equipment in a process or facility”. In other words, when you eliminate manual interventions from a task, you can say the task has been automated. 

Partnership automation can be described as “tools and processes that reduce manual work and allow retailers to discover, recruit and engage with potential partners as efficiently as possible”.

How Can This Help Retailers?

Communication and Relationship Management has historically been a real pain for many merchants. We have seen so many booming businesses suddenly hit rock bottom due to ineffectual communication or improper relationship management. 

Lack of effective communication and relationship management limit the target audience and restricts the business from reaching potential customers.

With the incorporation of partnership automation, merchants can manage thousands of consumers by using push notifications or personalized messaging service. This will not only help in popularizing the brand but it will also magnify reach significantly.

Why is Relationship Management Important?

Trust is always the key factor in determining the course of a relationship. No matter how much you advertise, if your customer doesn’t trust you, you’re out of the game. Relationship Management plays a vital role in building trust. 

After all, your customer is a human being and proper communication and support service enhances your dealing, in turn increasing sales and building a long-term relationship.

Retailers have traditionally handled communications with partners in a non-scalable, manual way such as phone or email. This in turn limits the number of partners a retailer could work with.

By leveraging partnership automation technology, merchants can manage thousands of relationships using personalized messaging that is automation-driven. 

What Are the Challenges of Partnership Automation?

It’s not easy to imagine that something as beneficial as partnership management has zero challenges. There are a host of issues that cross your way such as:

Organizational Inefficiency

The most important challenge is the willingness of organizations to accept automation. Merchants are so used to their older ways that many of them are reluctant to adopt the change.


Not every merchant is interested in investing more than what he’s already spending on his manual processes. Manual processes are usually cost-efficient and that’s where the real problem lies.

Technical Limitations

Retailers don’t get the right kind of technicians or people who understand exact requirements. Because of this, retailers avoid getting into automation and trust their manual tendencies more than automated ones.


It’s wise for retailers to give Partnership Automation a fair chance, as it has the potential to completely modernize business. It is supremely helpful in handling the relationship management crisis. Ease your customers’ pain and watch your business outpace its competitors in overall revenue growth.