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    Solutions for Manufacturing Sector

    Shaping Manufacturing Industry Technology for Increased Revenues and Connected Experiences with Salesforce Communities and B2B Commerce.

    Industrial revolutions have driven massive benefits to the manufacturing industry – allowing for faster and cheaper production, new technologies, and new types of products. The ability to compete was defined by the leanest operations, the most efficient supply chain, and the fastest production.

    As we are now entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are slowly transforming the way every business function works including the customer experience. Now that table-stakes are faster and cheaper, manufacturers must deliver outstanding customer and partner experiences – not just of the product, but also the service, the buying experience, and every other touchpoint that customers and partners have with their manufacturers.

    Docmation in collaboration with the Salesforce Platform is actively transforming manufacturers into customer-centric businesses.

    B2B Commerce

    The manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation — driven partially by new technological advances, but largely by a massive change in customer expectations. Today, B2B buyers are reluctant to send countless emails back and forth with a sales rep, wait days for a quote, or deal with a clunky, outdated website. As buyers demand convenient, self-service buying experiences, manufacturers know they must adapt.


    Docmation helps manufacturers with high-performing Salesforce powered B2B eCommerce solutions for online ordering, meeting the needs of the distribution partners, complex configuration and quoting rules, tracking customer and partner data, and a lot more —  faster and at lower costs.


    We help manufacturers overcome challenges of the clunky commerce systems and lengthy buying processes that hurt their bottom line. We offer custom Salesforce B2B eCommerce solutions that are scalable, agile and equipped with industry-focused functionality, and help you understand, predict and shape buyer behavior by delivering in-depth data insights.

    Partner Relationship Management

    We help you manage your network of distributors and resellers with robust Lightning-powered Salesforce Communities that empower your partners, customers and employees with a network of self-service abilities – so that they can manage and share information on orders, leads, contacts and data easily making transactions effortless and efficient.

    Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

    Your products may have complex configuration rules, which makes it difficult for salespeople to quote products that don’t meet viability requirements. We help set up Salesforce CPQ that helps your sales team to configure complex products easily and keeps them from creating incorrect configurations or sending unapproved quotes.


    We help your workforce and partners with a 360º view of important data through integrated systems. A key requirement of any B2B solution is its integration with the existing systems across functions and processes. Docmation with its strong focus and deep expertise on B2B space specialize in seamless integration of disparate systems like legacy, cloud, and on-premise.

    High-performing, comprehensive Salesforce solutions tailored for the Manufacturing Sector

    We have been helping manufacturing organizations realize their strategic goals with focused process optimization on Salesforce. We have facilitated multi-dealer, multi-lingual and multi-branch systems for a myriad of manufacturing companies.


    With our data-driven solutions, we help you move towards improved service efficiency and strengthen your relationship with your partners and customers.


    Our services are focused on re-inventing ways to create an engaging customer and partner experiences. We bring cross-functional expertise to build solutions for the manufacturing industry that enable your digital transformation.

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