Management Hacks for B2B Ecommerce Businesses

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Are you investing your own time, energy, and resources into the latest B2B marketing trends, but your growth is still low?

Then the time is now for you to start spending some time to implement management hacks that are on trend right now.

The B2B marketing focus was on getting a marketing message to the ‘right’ audience directly. Management hacks give businesses the power to reach larger audiences and significantly boost the probability of more business.

Here are the top B2B hacks that can boost your lead generation effort.

Conduct A/B Testing of Your Email Funnel

A/B testing (comparing two versions of something to see which one is the best) is a very common tool for calculating websites and applications, but you should also use it to test your email funnel.

‘Email funnel,’ refers to the subject line and body of each email that you send to your leads. For example, you can create multiple types of emails and test them every week.

By comparing the open rate and the reply rate, you’ll know which one performs better.

Create Shareable, Valuable Content

One good way to create a positive reputation in B2B business is to reveal your industry knowledge and expertise. To accomplish this, try to publish white papers, case studies, and eBooks. Try to organize webinars and conferences on topics your target audience is interested in.

Start with small blogs or articles and see what kind of response they get from the readers. If a handful of them created more buzz than others, feel free to expand that topic into longer pieces, eBooks, or white papers.

Consider the ‘Add a Friend’ Tactic

The purpose of this concept is to increase the number of sign-ups from the same company. Contact your existing customers and offer some benefits if they invite their colleagues to use your product or service.

“One person can collaborate with colleagues working on the same or similar positions within one company.” “For example, a proofreading tool designed for a professional essay or article writers could be handy for every individual who writes texts in the office.”

As a result, you can create an extended group of customers in the same company because your existing customers, when approached the right way, are great brand ambassadors. Since people tend to trust other people, not companies, this could be a better way to help boost your reputation and reach.

Segment Your Newsletters

A great newsletter helps prevent your clients from forgetting about you, so it is an important part of inbound marketing in many B2B companies. However, a newsletter works effectively only if it meets the needs of the receivers.

To increase the probability of providing relevant information, and therefore boosting your conversion rate, consider different approaches:

  • By technology – server type, company type
  • By usage – engaged users, passive users, etc.
  • By location – set the newsletters to be sent at different times

Create Long, Detailed Guides

This is a part of the strategy to develop engaging content, but it deserves special consideration because it is one of the best performing content types in terms of marketing. A lot of businesses have dramatically increased their online ranking after publishing long and detailed guides on something related to their industry.

For example, a very known New York Times best-selling author and online entrepreneur, Neil Patel, got ranked the second.

Use Live Chat

It’s 2019! You personally may despise the pinging sound coming from a live chat window, but when it comes to doing business, customers hold a different viewpoint.

  • 42 percent of customers prefer to live chat, as they don’t want to wait on hold.
  • 92 percent of customers feel satisfied while using live chat.

Get Your Influencers Involved

If you’re using influencers in your marketing strategy, it’s the time to ask them to participate and produce good content. For example, they could write a high-value article or a white paper, or be a guest representative for your webinars.

Write about Trending Topics

Another way to grow the readership of your content is to use tools like Buzzsumo to discover trending topics in your industry that are currently popular on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Find keywords that relate to your business and see how much Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter engagement they spark.

Try Before You Buy

Many people prefer to test the product before they buy it to be sure that they get good value for their money. That’s why your business should let your potential customers use your product or service for free for a limited time.

Just make sure that the trial version of the product has the minimum required features, but just enough so your potential customer understands the benefits.

Focus on UI/UX Simplicity

One of the most important management hacks is to decrease barriers to entry. Making a product intuitive and easy to use achieves because it gives non-technical users the chance to get started easily. As a B2B entrepreneur, you know how relieving it is to use a tool that doesn’t require a tech team, right?

So, focus on UI/UX and make sure that your product is easy to use, so any person without technical knowledge doesn’t need an army of tech people around to teach them


Try out these hacks. You’ll see how useful they can be in growing your B2B business. Don’t wait around to implement them. Create your own B2B success story today.

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