How Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables headless commerce with MuleSoft?

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the world’s leading B2C and B2B commerce platform and was recently named an innovator in The Forrester Wave: Q2 2020 report. Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables brands to create unified buying experiences over all channels — portable, social, web, and store.

COVID-19 has put a focus on eCommerce as intense changes in buyer conduct are quickening the move from in-store retail to online. Retailers are turning rapidly to build new modernized revenue channels, while existing eCommerce businesses are adjusting their working models by building better approaches to assess their customers.

The quick ascent of smart phones implies retail brands need to advance rapidly with smooth front-end designs and focus on working out streamlined, optimized, personalized customer experiences.

MuleSoft undoubtedly has plenty to offer. Knowing that it’s the most trusted and robust enterprise integration platform raises questions like, “what does MuleSoft do?” Businesses need technology to unleash the real potential of data, and MuleSoft offers that.

Now, businesses worldwide use MuleSoft to tap into data that sit in the dark corners of data silos.

In today’s competitive business atmosphere, streamlining data sharing is of utmost importance.

MuleSoft expands its integration framework to match the scalability of business, connecting all systems of an organization for a well-rounded experience.

“Connected experience is here to stay, not go.”

For seamless cross-system connectivity, integration is imperative.

MuleSoft does exactly that – it brings together an organization’s applications, data reservoirs, devices for faster connectivity, and networking between systems by deploying APIs.


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