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    Adding Value to Your Data 

    You know data is your most valuable asset, but that is only when insights can be derived from it. Given the sheer volume and speed at which data is available today, businesses can find it extremely difficult to manage such information effectively using their conventional BI (Business Intelligence) programs. The result? Missed opportunities.

    Switch to Einstein Analytics 


    Salesforce – the best CRM platform in the world – offers an incredible in-built analytics tool that businesses can draw useful and effective reports and dashboards from, all within the platform. A true reporting platform, Einstein Analytics takes predictions to the next level by proactively offering new insights based on fresh data. And the best part is that all this takes place in real-time.


    • Stay ahead of the curve by understanding changes in your opportunity pipeline in real time. 
    • Keep an eye on individual sales performance. 
    • Say goodbye to the worries of designing your predictive models and the need for hiring a data scientist.
    • Improve the accuracy of your CRM.
    • Speed up your daily work using Einstein’s smart predictions and proposed solutions.

    Draw the Most Out of Your Salesforce Einstein Analytics with Docmation

    If you’re considering implementing Salesforce Einstein Analytics in your business operations, we can help you. Our team of over 150 certified Salesforce experts is highly qualified in providing implementation services that are tailor-made to meet the needs of individual clients. Allow us to help you make the most of Salesforce Einstein Analytics. 

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