Efficiency Powers Online B2B Buyers

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When B2B buyers go online to shop, they work with a specific set of tasks they must complete in a timely fashion. This is why sellers must ensure shopping efficiency with the right features that get the job done in time. You can start with implementing some features to enhance the efficiency of your ecommerce platform and power B2B buyers in their purchase journey.

Onsite Search

According to a survey, on-site search is ranked the highest amongst important website features to increase traffic. For buyers, the ability to find products quickly is important both for purchasing and reordering products. Especially when assortments are quite large, this becomes even more important.

Product Details

Unlike B2C buying, where product specs may not be crucial to a purchase, B2B buyers need the exact specs they’re looking for. Therefore, your on-site search feature must be enabled with filters (such as model number, category, price range, etc.) that the buyer can apply to get quick and accurate results. You can further enhance your website’s efficiency in terms of product details by including multiple pictures of each product from different angles, product descriptions, demonstrative videos, warranty information, etc.

Customer Reviews

Another important aspect associated with ecommerce is the presence of adequate customer reviews and ratings of products. Each of your buyers must be requested to rate and review products after purchase. Doing so will increase the number of accurate customer reviews on your product page and enable future buyers to make informed decisions. Also, reviews help you in identifying any potential flaws or drawbacks in your products that you can work on and fix quickly.

Product Manuals

Buyers usually prefer to have all information regarding products available to them on the website. Included in this are product manuals and guides. These should include information about how and where to use each feature of the product, the functions of its different components, precautions that must be taken when using it, how to store it properly, how to register for warranty (if any), etc. This can help the buyer identify whether your product is suited for his/her requirements.

Customer Support

The importance of fast and high-quality customer support has risen over the past few years, especially for ecommerce websites. Due to the sheer amount of different options available to buyers today, your customer support system must be equipped to help customers quickly and provide appropriate solutions .

Otherwise, they may just hop on to the next website that provides quick responses to their queries and you would end up losing a valuable customer. To avoid this, you must bolster your website’s customer support system by improving the depth of FAQs, increasing accessibility to your customer service team, and providing several means of communication to reach the customer service team (such as a phone number, an email ID, etc.). Along with these, you must implement live customer chat support on your website to provide real-time responses to their queries.

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Miscellaneous Features

Whereas the aforementioned features can significantly boost your website’s traffic and increase the number of buyers you retain, there are a few other features that will enhance your website’s efficiency as well:

  • Easy checkout: Users should be able to checkout with products in their cart easily without wasting too much time.
  • Product recommendations: Use product classification techniques to recommend products similar to the ones the buyer currently has in his/her cart or has purchased before. Some of these recommendations could be what the buyer is looking for.
  • Profiling of products: Profile your products and place them under different subgroups, with each subgroup having similar products. This can ease the process of searching for specific products.
  • Omnichannel capabilities: Your buyers should be able to access your website from different platforms and locations. Your website must provide a seamless and cohesive experience to mobile users, laptop users, etc. Additionally, your customer should be given different delivery options, delivery-tracking capabilities, and more.
  • Videos: Include videos on your website to increase the time buyers spend browsing. These videos could show how to use a product, an example of the product being used, your company’s mission statement, or client testimonials.
  • Links to social media: Provide links to your company’s social media profiles on your website – this will allow customers to stay in touch with your company’s latest offers and encourage more visits to your websites.

Maintaining the relevancy and profits of your company is challenging, especially with new B2B websites popping up rapidly. To remain ahead of the curve, it is essential for you to improve the efficiency of your website and therefore increase the number of your buyers. If you implement the features listed above on your website, you are bound to observe an increase in traffic and purchases.