Dreamforce‘ 19 B2B Ecommerce Events


One of the biggest events in the marketing and sales world, Dreamforce, has set precedence as one of the most important must-attend events for anyone in the industry. Hosted at multiple venues in San Francisco, California, this annual event brings the entire Salesforce community together for 4 days of learning, inspiring, growing and partying.

With the remarkable growth of B2B commerce offerings at Salesforce after its debut at Dreamforce 2018, Dreamforce 2019, to be held on the 19th of November, will truly be a blast for B2B ecommerce businesses.

The B2B commerce industry is projecting a growth that could touch 1.2 trillion USD by 2021, as opposed to the current 899 billion. Dreamforce serves as the perfect event for the attendees to get a deeper understanding of the B2B ecommerce industry.

Whether you’re looking to engage with fellow trailblazers, to optimize growth, to build networks, or to simply learn the basics of B2B ecommerce, Dreamforce provides its attendees with opportunities to do so.

With a total of 68 B2B ecommerce events taking place this year, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the enormous size and scope of Dreamforce. So, to make the most of your time, save our ultimate B2B ecommerce events guide for a fun learning experience at Dreamforce ‘19.

Tuesday, November 19th

Out of a total of 15 sessions related to B2B ecommerce taking place on the first day, attend these valuable sessions for boosting overall business growth.

Starting at 8 am, the first session, Vision to Value & Courage for Change, discusses the hardships of change management and the need for courageous leadership. Greg Belloti, CIO of Elementis Global, talks about the company’s journey of becoming a Salesforce Trailblazer and how they went from 0% to 95% adoption just within 60 days.

Learn strategies for building the right team, engaging with the right resources, and executing key business readiness steps.

The next noteworthy session, The Consumer Goods How-to Series, is to be held at 12.30 pm. Hosted by Eric Bouchard, a long-time CPG account executive and B2B ecommerce expert, this session allows you to get the inside scoop about how to collaborate with your retail channel partners to provide them with the same experience as your end consumers.

If you’re looking to expand your business to a global market, the 1.00 pm session, Fireside Chat: Global Perspectives on Digital Transformation with B2B Commerce, is an absolute can’t-miss. Featuring a panel of international customers along with the VP of Salesforce, attending this event will get you a fresh perspective on leveraging B2B Commerce to sell online across international markets.

Learn how Frito-Lay transformed its buy-and-deliver model for 25,000 field employees and over 60,000 customers at the 2.30 pm session, Reinventing B2B Commerce and Field Service, with the company’s Sr. Sales Director. Understand the capability of new Salesforce systems to help drive greater efficiency, transparency, and self-service at thousands of locations.

Wednesday, November 20th

When choosing from the 23 B2B ecommerce sessions on the second day, be sure to consider adding the following events to your list.

The 9 am theatre session on How Salesforce Identity Enables Schneider Electric to protect its APPs and APIs is a must-watch for B2B manufacturing industries. It discusses how Schneider Electric is leveraging Salesforce Identity to secure its digital ecosystem and how it can be implemented by apps and APIs running outside of the Salesforce ecosystem as well.

Customer experience is at the heart of every B2B business, and the 10:15 am a session, How I Built This Lower Support Costs with B2B Commerce and Service Cloud, explains how businesses are connecting the two to increase customer satisfaction.

The continuation of The Consumer Goods How-To Series to be held at 1:30 pm is also something that ought to be on your Dreamforce bucket list for the second day. In this portion, you can learn to utilize AI and Big Data analytics to grow your business from our Einstein Analytics Expert.

Thursday, November 21st

Out of all the 20 sessions, these 3 seminars are sure to resonate with you.

In today’s age where personalized recommendations and proactive engagement are at the core of customer satisfaction, Adidas needed an agile, scalable, and fast ecommerce platform. At 11 am a session on How Adidas is UltraBoosting the B2B Digital Experience, learn how the company scaled globally, how they’re winning with a digital-first approach, and what their future plans are.

In this day-long consultation starting 12 noon all the way to 7 pm, book a 15-minute one-on-one session with a Salesforce Commerce Solutions Expert. Ask questions, clear your doubts, learn the best practices for your business, and gain access to resources that will help boost growth.

The 3:30 pm session, Exploring the Edge of Shopping through 10,000 Global Consumers, explains consumer behavior and discusses the different ways in which businesses can reach out to their consumers by learning where and how to engage with them and drive customer loyalty.

Friday, November 22nd

To avoid post-event blues, be sure to attend these sessions on your last day at Dreamforce.

The 9:30 am a breakout session on The Race for Relevance in Consumer Goods outlines the evolving dynamics of the Consumer Goods landscape and the capabilities that Salesforce possesses to help businesses win this race of relevance.

Finally, the 12:30 pm session, What do Manufacturers, RCG and Hi-Tech Companies Have in Common? B2B Commerce discusses how the fast pace of Digital B2B Commerce is sweeping through traditional industries and how first-time B2B commerce users can implement quick-win strategies in the CPG and manufacturing industry.

Notwithstanding that every event at Dreamforce is going to be a blast, we recommend attending as many sessions as you can comfortably fit in your schedule. Attending 3-4 sessions that spark your interest the most will be sufficient for a day.

Take advantage of the short yet informative theatre sessions. They can help you equip yourself with unique ideas and solutions quickly and efficiently. While you may be here to learn, you can also blow off steam post-seminars at Dreamforce’s official parties, which also serve as another opportunity to build connections.