Docmation Launches Docmation University (DMU)

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This will be an industry-leading platform for learning and thought leadership in Salesforce Quote-to-Cash and Cart-to-Cash solutions on Salesforce B2B Commerce, CPQ and Billing.

ATLANTA, GA, October 3, 2020 – Docmation, the industry leader in  Salesforce B2B Commerce, CPQ, and Billing has launched a virtual collaborative space named Docmation University (DMU).

DMU is established to build a future talent pool as well as support continuous learning of Solution Experts in Quote-to-Cash and Cart-to-Cash solutions on Salesforce.

One of the platform’s ideators, Preston Adams, considers DMU to be “a place to be inspired, inspire others, and learn together.” He went on to add that “DMU is a creative place for employees and customers to learn hands-on skills applicable to their daily jobs with the goal to add and enhance our knowledge and skillset.”

“Able management, innovative designing, and planning have always been the features which have helped Docmation become leaders in B2B Commerce, CPQ and Billing industry, and this initiative is yet another feather to our cap,” said Jay Sappidi, Founder and Principal of Docmation.

The technological landscape today is more dynamic than ever. Via the DMU platform, the Docmation teams can create and share content specific to our business, targeted at providing a uniform and dynamic training that enhances our delivery with clients,” said John Godlove, ideator of Docmation University.

Very soon, Docmation will be extending this platform to the broader Salesforce customers and community, by sharing thought leadership on the domain and industry vertical expertise in the Quote-to-Cash and Cart-to-Cash space.

About Docmation

Docmation is a global leader helping companies in their digital transformation of Cart-to-Cash and Quote-to-Cash processes through Salesforce B2B Commerce and CPQ & Billing.

With over a decade of experience in working across all Salesforce Clouds, supported by a skilled team of over 100 certified Salesforce experts, and backed by testimonies of 200+ happy clients, Docmation assists organizations in achieving their business goals through innovative and market-leading solutions.

Docmation is also the first-ever recipient of the Salesforce Bolty Award for the best B2B Commerce Partner Trailblazer, awarded for its exceptional contribution to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud.

Docmation client-base includes Palo Alto Networks, Docker, Wolters Kluwer, Alliance Consumer Group, Novartis, Ithaka, and Sage to name a few.

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