Docmation Announces Being Named a Certified Billing Partner by Salesforce

Docmation furthers its Salesforce expertise towards providing the best-in-class Salesforce solutions across B2B Commerce, CPQ, and Billing for global clients as Salesforce names Docmation as a Certified Billing Consulting Partner

ATLANTA, GA, November 20, 2020 – Docmation, the leading Salesforce B2B Commerce, CPQ and Billing consulting company has now become a Certified Salesforce Billing Partner. This milestone for Docmation showcases the company’s expertise in providing best-in-class Salesforce solutions across B2B Commerce, CPQ and Billing for its growing global client base. There are a limited number of Salesforce partners globally who are certified and approved to implement Billing on the Salesforce platform with Docmation being one of them.

Docmation has achieved the Salesforce Billing Partner Certification based on its deep knowledge and expertise in the CPQ & Billing space, successful CPQ & Billing implementations, high customer satisfaction scores and a growing number of certified CPQ & Billing in-house specialists. Docmation’s rapid growth and success is attributed to its intense focus on client satisfaction, ensuring quality delivery on all projects and growing long-term relationships with both its clients and Salesforce.

Docmation’s CPQ & Billing Practice Director, John Godlove, said, “The lead to revenue cycle has become a key strategic advantage that companies are focusing on to automate and streamline. Salesforce CPQ & Billing is the leader in the market and I’m extraordinarily proud of our team at Docmation and the work we’ve done in the Salesforce CPQ & Billing space. We’re honored to have been recognized by Salesforce with the Billing Partner Certification and look forward to continuing growing our partnership with Salesforce and our customers.

About Docmation

Docmation is a global leader helping companies in their digital transformation of Cart-to-Cash, Quote-to-Cash and Lead-To-Revenue processes through Salesforce B2B Commerce and CPQ & Billing. With over a decade of experience in working across all Salesforce Clouds, supported by a skilled team of over 100 certified Salesforce experts, and backed by testimonies of 200+ happy clients, Docmation assists organizations in achieving their business goals through innovative and market-leading solutions.

Docmation is also the first-ever recipient of the Salesforce Bolty Award for the best B2B Commerce Partner Trailblazer, awarded for its exceptional contribution to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. Docmation’s client-base includes Palo Alto Networks, Docker, Wolters Kluwer, Alliance Consumer Group, Novartis, Ithaka, Sage and more.

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