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Document Generation Made Easy in

DOCGEN, from Docmation, automates most commonly used document creation processes eliminating lot of manual work and improving the productivity of Sales, Marketing and Services teams. DOCGEN’s easy to use Microsoft Office plug-ins enable any business users to author and manage templates without the help of any developers or admins.

DOCGEN automates and simplifies the way documents are created during the sales and service process. DOCGEN dynamically merges any Salesforce data into any combination of document templates (Word, Excel, PPT). Automate key document generation in Salesforce to eliminate manual processes, increase accuracy and compliance.

Easiest Tool for Designing Templates for Salesforce Document Generation

Ease of Use

Unlike other tools, the DOCGEN solution allows business users to efficiently create and update document templates without the help of developers. All other products in the market place require either some amount of technical knowledge or need the support of development teams to create document templates.

Native Plugin in Microsoft Office

With DOCGEN Template Builder Microsoft Office add-in, non-developer employees and business users can drag and drop Office document elements using WYSIWIG user interface, to create their document templates right in the Microsoft Office. This capability doesn’t exist in most of the competing products like Conga.

Multi-Platform and Multi-Version Compatibility

Supports all versions of Microsoft Office starting from Office 2007 through Office 365 in addition to support Windows and MAC platforms.

Different Flavors of the Add-In

Supports Native Microsoft Office Plugin (VSTO) and Office HTML 5 Add-In/Plugin (Supported on MAC and other Platforms)

Put Your Salesforce Data to Work

  • Create and share business documents from any standard or custom object by merging data into custom designed templates, including presentations, word documents, excel files and reports.
  • Standardize and automate your business processes around document generation with predefined templates, eliminating any human error and increasing transparency and communication
  • Reduce your Salesforce licensing costs by leveraging multiple storage options like AWS or Box
  • Streamline and improve operations with powerful insights from various statistics around document generation and usage that will lead to overall organizational performance

How DOCGEN Works

Create and Upload Templates

  • Create templates using DOCGEN Template Builder without any developer support
  • Merge data from Standard or Custom objects from Salesforce
  • Build professional documents using complex content such as tables, images, rich text

Generate Documents

  • Generate document ondemand
  • Predefine options to run your solution in a single click.
  • Batch and schedule document generation
  • Log activities, save copies of output files

Share / Distribute

  • Distribute documents the way you want right from Salesforce
  • Immediate local download
  • Store in Salesforce as attachments, Chatter Files or Content records
  • Store in Salesforce, Amazon Cloud or Box

Docmation DocGen Product Demo - Part 1 (Introduction)

Docmation DocGen Product Demo - Part 2 (Template Creation)

Docmation DocGen Product Demo - Part 3 (Template Management and Document Generation)

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