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The B2B e-commerce market is booming. With the increased pressure to decrease time to market, generate revenue, reduce costs and enhance customer experiences, an inefficient engagement strategy and mediocre e-commerce technology won’t win your brand any points.

Many B2B organizations like Coca-Cola and Adidas have already implemented commerce in the cloud via Salesforce. “When we look at B2B commerce, the one solution we turn to is CloudCraze,” say Salesforce.

But why CloudCraze? What is it?

1) Firstly, What is CloudCraze?

CloudCraze helps deliver robust B2B cloud commerce native on Salesforce. It allows you to generate online revenue faster and effortlessly scale for growth.

Its customer-centric commerce unveils every single interaction, landing data across commerce, sales, marketing, service, and more.

B2B organizations have many complex business functions, pricing models, and workflows, which can become cumbersome to manage.

This is why a truly seamlessly integrated solution like Salesforce CloudCraze is the key to fill in the gap by providing B2B e-commerce solutions that help businesses automate various processes, therefore, allowing brands to grow.

With B2B eCommerce poised to reach $1.2 trillion by 2021, businesses acknowledge the opportunity of investing in digital strategies.

2) Secondly, Why CloudCraze?

Speed to market is critical and innovation is a necessity as digital commerce continues to gain friction.

CloudCraze helps increase your agility and ability to adapt in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

3) The customer at the Center

Salesforce B2B Commerce offers the industry’s only customer-first data model with CRM and commerce in a single solution.

It enables you to access complete and accurate customer data across sales, service, and commerce, also using real-time data on Salesforce to notify each and every customer interaction.

With the excellent capabilities of the CloudCraze data model, businesses can generate online revenue faster, stay connected with customers, and easily scale for growth.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Cloudcraze) offers the ability to create coupons, sales kits, recommendations of related products; all within a connected environment on top of your existing Salesforce CRM.

4) Agility, Omnichannel, And Experience Management

Legacy commerce technology is becoming outdated and less effective, so capabilities such as speed up time-to-market (TTM) and revenue, reduce support costs, and experience management dictate which providers will lead the pack.

Businesses that provide these capabilities position themselves to successfully deliver seamless digital commerce experiences.

Provides Agile Commerce Solutions That Go Beyond The Shopping Cart

CloudCraze facilitates you to swiftly adapt to customer needs and market dynamics and smoothly twirl up new business blueprints rather than having to wait for months or years for updates.

Cloudcraze being data-driven enables you to understand, predict and shape customer behavior.

5) Helps adapt on-demand

A high percentage of users say that providing personalized customer care has a major or moderate influence on their loyalty.

CloudCraze is built for business users to easily adapt to existing systems and processes. Therefore, lets you configure without any IT upheaval.

CloudCraze – A better Commerce Solution

Changing how your brand caters to your customers can be challenging, but blindly selecting a platform can prove to be a costly error which can hamper the brand value of your business.

To safeguard you from these erroneous assumptions, Salesforce has come up with a better solution, a platform that:

  • Offers the industry’s only Customer-First commerce solution.
  • Provides you with in-depth customer data.
  • Doesn’t require complex integrations.
  • Commerce and CRM solutions in a single experience.


To stay ahead of your competitors, you need a B2B commerce experience that both apprehends and leverages the data from sales and commerce, allowing you to draw insights and take actions according to the full customer experience to scale up for growth.

CloudCraze provides you with a powerful platform to connect with your customers and grow your business.

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