Critic your B2B commerce billing software & payment gateway

Going Digital, a term that represents so many aspects of dealing online. It means a lot more than just providing a digital experience to your customers.

Embracing technology to streamline your in-house processes is also one of the many aspects of going digital.

There are different ways to process online purchases. At a minimum, you need a payment gateway to enable the transactions. Cash used to be king, but in today’s online marketplace digital payments rule.

Well, there’s nothing worse than losing a sale because of a technical glitch. In order to get your e-commerce store up and running, there’s one thing you can’t go without and that’s the ability to transact payments.

Here are some key considerations when selecting e-commerce billing software and payment gateway:

Processing speed

Processing speed is critical since a slow checkout experience can increase cart abandonment rate and impact conversion.

User experience

A congruent user experience helps build trust and boost your conversion rate. Thus, your payment gateway setup can impact your customer experience by influencing their perception of the transaction.


Buyers are increasingly cautious about data security and can get hysterical if the payment processor doesn’t exhibit the necessary security measures. Make sure the customer data when passed from your online store to the payment processor is encrypted and securely tokenized during transit and storage.

You must provide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance to your customers.


Integrating a payment solution to your eCommerce store often delivers a smoother and more seamless customer experience compared to using an off-site hosted payment gateway.

To do so, select a payment gateway that integrates easily and seamlessly with your current eCommerce platform. Explore and evaluate technical specifications, developer tools, and API access to ensure compatibility with your platform.

You can create a more seamless checkout process on your website using API integrated billing.

Accounting API Integrations

Maintaining updated records is a necessity. Ecommerce billing software will make sure you control your finances down to the penny.

With API integrations to accounting software, all your accounting activities and data will be seamlessly connected.

Thus, eliminating unnecessary duplication and maintaining greater accuracy by reducing errors.

Shipping and Credit Card Payments

Another vital element of an all-inclusive e-commerce billing software application is the ability to monitor all shipping activities including the ability to provide real-time tracking information to customers.

Detailed Analytics

What gets measured gets done. If your e-commerce billing software does not provide you with timely, insightful information it will be more difficult to keep the efforts of your organization aligned with your goals.


You may offer the best product or service possible, but if customers don’t feel safe shopping on your website, it’ll be hard for you to make a sale.