5 High-Value B2B Commerce CPQ & Billing Enhancements in the Salesforce Winter ’21 Release

Winter is already here, as is the release of Salesforce Winter ’21, with added features and updates for multiple Salesforce products. Here is a quick guide for you to understand the out-of-the-box features of the Salesforce Winter ’21 release.

Salesforce has rolled out many truly innovative features for Salesforce admins and developers with this Winter ’21 release to make their Salesforce ecosystem simpler and easier to use.

We went through every note of the Salesforce Winter ’21 Release Notes and featured the most famous highlights flowing around the Salesforce Community.

Key B2B commerce CPQ & Billing Features In Salesforce Winter ’21 Release

Salesforce Commerce: Enhancements to order management and enhanced capabilities for Lightning B2B Commerce

  • Salesforce Order Management enhancements include the integration of tools to help you detect and respond to problems that disrupt normal order processing, a new return order data model for managing return product authorization, new and modified order summary flows, the ability to configure custom payment methods, and the ability to generate order summaries with custom numbers.
  • Two additional components to effective management orders and deliveries provide improvements to Lightning B2B Commerce. Improved searchability; enables flexibility to mark searchable products, enhances no-search results messaging, and bookmarks search results that consumers want to maintain. The product workspace has been improved to give your products a larger picture. A one-stop-shop for price book management is provided by the new Pricing workspace. And the integration dashboard helps you deal with your integrations in a single spot.

Salesforce Billing: Asset Lifecycle Management, Orders Without CPQ Quotes, Financial Transaction Reports and Synchronization of Cancelled Billing Calculations

Using dashboards that display quantity, volume, and monthly recurring revenue over the lifecycle of an asset, Reps can now get insight into what customers have purchased.

Create orders and order products without ordering them from a CPQ quote. Gather information and store it for monitoring and ERP integration on financial actions. And align canceled billing calculations between Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing.

  • Using Customer Asset Lifecycle Management from initial sale to the end date of a subscription or service to provide insights into products your customers have purchased.
  • Manage your orders and order products in Salesforce and Salesforce Billing without first creating a CPQ quote. You can now create orders and order products all alone or through the API and afterward allot them to Salesforce Billing. We call this a standalone order.
  • Capture payment authorizations processed externally and handle them in Salesforce Billing.
  • Previously, Salesforce Billing would generate incorrect billing periods after a time when the final month did not include the billing day of the month for the ordered product. For consumers, the offset billing intervals caused unexplained invoice line balances. Therefore, billing period logic has been updated with the winter ’21 release.

Here are the Top 5 Winter ’21 features for CPQ that help sales reps sell better

1) Helping Sales Reps with Product Recommendations

The CPQ Product Recommendations Plug-in is an easy way to provide complementary goods to your Sales Reps that increase or add value to the products that are currently quoted.

A new button on the quote line editor is now displayed to help your sales reps easily add the recommended products to a quote.

2) Power Quote Fields Dynamically

You can now dynamically configure the quote fields shown in the quote line editor so that the sales reps only see the fields that are needed.

This Winter’ 21 feature allows the Sales Reps to cut the clutter and dive into the appropriate data and save time by displaying only quote fields that are applicable to areas subject, products, or business units.

You can now build any custom field with dynamic options for showing or hiding quote fieldsets.

3) Sell Add-On Products on Amendments

This is one of the intriguing CPQ features of Winter’ 21. It allows add-on items to be sold by your sales reps and prevents them from making any modifications that begin with dates before any start date of an existing amendment.

The backdated amendment restriction introduced in the Spring ’20 is now revised to allow subscriptions or add-on products on the amendment quotes.

Prior to this, if a new subscription or product was included by any sales rep, the limitations immediately blocked the saving of modification quotes.

4) Connect CPQ to B2B Commerce

Cross-cloud solution kits will now help you tackle some challenging use cases with the Winter ’21 functionality and in return reduce customer dissatisfaction.

Leverage CPQ to its fullest potential by integrating CPQ billing with B2B Commerce using the CPQ Connector.

5) Permissions for Activating Order Products

Now with this Winter ’21 feature for CPQ, when ‘Enable Usage-Based Pricing’ is enabled for CPQ package setting, the ‘Read permissions’ on consumption rates, consumption schedules, order product consumption rates, and order product consumption schedules are now required to activate any order product.

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