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    B2B E-commerce for CPG Industry

    As the business landscape experiences a shift, consumer goods players must take a fresh look at their market strategy. With the B2B Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry fast redefining the game, your business needs a sales and engagement edge more than ever before.

    Docmation helps you make the leap to a powerful commerce cloud that promises business transformation. With Salesforce’s cutting-edge capabilities, your business experiences improved revenue, fast processes with automation, and unparalleled customer engagement.

    The Power of Digital Commerce

    Digital commerce is the new king on the block. For consumer goods companies to accelerate sales and enter new markets, digital self-service is the hero. With the right cloud commerce portal, you can offer your customers a superior and uniquely personalized buying experience. With Salesforce’s 100% native CloudCraze platform, you generate online sales fast, scale up, and stay connected to customers in a digital market.

    With Docmation’s Salesforce solutions, you can utilize the power-packed features of a class-leading digital commerce experience:

    • Increase sales with enhanced search and order tools
    • Boost sales productivity with real-time customer data
    • Decrease costs with self-service capabilities
    • Offer higher customer satisfaction with order flexibility
    • Enter new markets faster with self-ordering functionalities

    Experience the Future of B2B E-Commerce

    Docmation enables your business to broaden its horizons with Salesforce’s B2B Commerce Cloud. CloudCraze deploys mobile-ready, secure, and scalable online experiences with a no-code approach. Generate online revenue fast by putting the customer at the heart of your operations. With Salesforce’s trusted and powerful capabilities, Docmation helps boost your B2B business with ease and flexibility.

    Take your e-commerce business to the next level, from emails and phone calls to a self-service platform. This is the future of e-commerce, where every detail is just a few clicks away. With our CloudCraze solutions, you can boost your revenue by giving customers an easy online ordering platform, empowering your sales team, and reaching your market faster.

    Changing the B2B Game for Consumer Packaged Goods

    The biggest CPG companies in the world today use Salesforce to support their growth. Docmation is a leading expert in helping businesses implement Salesforce communities and providing B2B e-commerce solutions. With Docmation, you get a unified commerce platform that helps you achieve a 360-degree view of customer data and your commercial lifecycle. Experience uninterrupted data flow, real-time updates, and strong insights with unmatched commerce capabilities.

    Get to market quickly with a robust B2B commerce solution. Here are some key features:

    • A commerce cloud across digital channels
    • Guided and simplified online ordering
    • Real-time purchase information – availability, specifications, and substitutes
    • Enhanced support tools for the sales team – pricing, shared carts, and split shipments
    • Simplified architecture to support consumer goods innovation

    An Omni-Channel Experience

    B2B commerce is characterised by long-standing relationships between businesses. Repeat sales are essential, especially in the CPG industry where goods need to be moved at a fast and frequent rate. The clients in a CPG business are not easy to manage. Keeping track of the preferences of each client and ensuring that no mistake is made is a Herculean task. Our solutions empower your business to deliver personalized experiences so your customers keep coming back to you. Give your customers an omni-channel experience with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

    Leverage the power of the cloud to empower employees and manage customer relations. Increase data visibility with dynamic reports and real-time inventory updates. Docmation helps merge your front and back-end operations, maximizing employee productivity.

    Docmation’s powerful suite of services include:

    • Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Implementation
    • Pricing Management
    • Contract Lifecycle Management
    • B2B eCommerce Strategy and Roadmap Services
    • Commerce Cloud Implementation
    • Digital Commerce Optimization KPIs, Metrics, and ROI

    With Docmation’s comprehensive B2B solutions, your business experiences lower costs, time savings, increased customer satisfaction, and improved revenue.

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