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    Community Strategy and Roadmap

    To survive in the new age of the customer, companies must reinvent themselves to create digital experiences that empower customers and provide value that goes beyond traditional interactions. In other words, disrupt, or be disrupted! An essential building block in enabling this digital transformation is a collaboration that spans different workgroups within and outside of the enterprise.

    Do you want to transform your customer, partner or employee experience but don’t know how to make it happen? Our Communities Solution Architects and Community Experts will collaborate with your business to understand your needs, and lay out a detailed plan to engage your community.

    Whether you are building a vision for what is possible with communities, aligning technology to current processes, or trying to maximize your current community investments, Docmation’s Community Strategy and Roadmap services can help. Our proven methodology accelerates results, reduces risk, and aligns stakeholders.

    Executable Strategy

    As they say “Vision without execution — is just hallucination”. Our team of experts will not only give form to your vision but create an executable blueprint with actionable initiatives that ensure successful digital transformation.

    Establish Clear Goals & Metrics

    Setting goals that are specific and measurable is an important part of a successful community roll-out. Our seasoned professional team will work with your organization to set community goals that are attainable and aligned with overall business objectives. Additionally, by making the right KPIs visible via real-time dashboards, leaders can effectively manage activities and behaviors that dictate success towards executing the community strategy.

    Ensure a Thriving Community

    For a community platform to be successful, it needs relevant content, topics, as well as informative discussions.  These elements combined help create a highly engaged community. Docmation emphasizes a strategy that creates a community which fosters increased collaboration and engagement. We help your team take a methodical and well thought out approach to monitoring community content and acting on key insights.  This ensures the growth and benefits of a thriving community accrue to all key stakeholders.

    Experience and Expertise

    Years of experience and focus have shaped our deep expertise in Salesforce Communities. Our ability to apply that expertise to various customer challenges allows our work to evolve and strengthen.

    Docmation’s Strategy and Roadmap Consulting Services leverages its diverse technology and business background combined with decades of implementation experience to provide comprehensive services for:

    • Business Case for Communities — ROI and TCO Analysis
    • Community Architecture
    • Business Process Improvement/Realignment
    • Community Adoption/Change Management Strategy
    • Community Governance Strategy
    • Security Compliance
    • Continuous Improvement Plan

    We help you understand exactly how far you can push the Salesforce Community Cloud platform and what you need to do to provide innovative digital experiences for your customers, partners or employees.

    Do you want your Salesforce Community Cloud initiative to be successful?

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