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    Community Experience Design

    Digital transformation starts with the customer in mind. A great user experience is necessary to keep customers involved and engaged with your brand in the digital age. For a digital transformation to be successful, businesses must be aware of the necessity to be more user-centric, be it their employees for internal systems or their customers and partners for external-facing interfaces.

    We design communities that delight your users and meet their needs through rich experiences. Developing an interaction-rich experience can create the momentum that propels the successful adoption and use of your communities.

    Gear up for Exceptional Design

    For a delightful experience, Docmation’s Salesforce team collaboratively determines what, where, when, why, how and who uses the community. They go through the process of researching, analyzing, designing, and testing a prototype before offering you a community design which is personalized, engaging, modern and delivers on your business goals.

    Know What Your Customers Want

    Our user experience (UX) researchers outline common problems your customers come across while accessing the communities. By analyzing patterns in user’s behavior, they define problems like slow community, unresponsive design, and unoptimized navigation. The insights from research help our UX designers to create a solution that will ensure a great user experience for visitors across communities.

    Keep Your Customers at the Center of Community Experience

    After evolving a design into a working prototype, we test and analyze with user groups to identify gaps, eliminate unnecessary features, and enhance desirable features to get your perfect solution. This human-centered design approach enhances user adoption and delivers on business value faster.

    Our end-to-end user experience and interface design engineering services:

    • Community experience research – Goal Analysis, Personas, Workflows, Competitor Benchmarking
    • Community experience prototypes – Information Architecture, Layouts, Clickable Prototypes
    • Community experience user testing – Story Boards, On-Site Testing, Remote User Testing
    • Community experience look and feel design – Branding, Unique, and Recognizable Appearance

    Our expertise in Community Experience Design (CUX) has enabled us to simplify and enhance the interaction between our client’s target users and their digital presence.

    Do you want to transform the User Experience of your Communities?

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