Drive Commercial Excellence with Salesforce B2B Analytics

Drive Commercial Excellence with Salesforce B2B Analytics

There is no denying the fact that Salesforce is an essential tool to convert leads to buyers and long-lasting customers.

Commercial analysis on the other hand enables an increase in revenue achieved by focusing on parameters like pricing, Salesforce effectiveness, product mix, and customer selection.

Commercial excellence is extremely important for B2B companies for the exchange of trade as compared to B2C companies.

It is because of highly variable pricing and the parameters involved in price determination.

According to the Commercial excellence defines your path to grow. Salesforce B2B analytics allows you to fly high in Sales clouds.

In today’s world, attention spans are short. Every buyer wants rapid solutions or answers. New-age buyers do not want to jump through hoops.

The B2B buying experience is different from that of B2C buying, but there are three main things that B2B companies can learn from the B2C buying experience:

  • Real-time engagement
  • Personalized content
  • Effortless experience

B2B buyers are generally savvier and more connected than ever, and they expect a incomparable, highly personalized buying experience.

Salesforce B2B analytics assist B2B customers in completing their special business needs.

B2B marketing channels are changing, but how?

According to a Study of Marketing survey, here is the percentage of B2B marketers using existing marketing channels:

  • Company’s website: 83%
  • Email marketing: 73%
  • Display and banner ads: 63%
  • Social advertising: 62%
  • Social publishing: 58%
  • Video advertising: 52%
  • Native advertising and sponsored content: 52%

Marketing strategies need to be innovative and all-inclusive so that, when implemented, ROI can be the highest as possible.

This brings the call for exceptional software that should recognize the need for new-age marketing and offers out-of-box results to a business.

Here are some insights from the frontlines of B2B marketing:

  • Business buyers expect increased personalization
  • Marketing and sales alignment engages B2B buyers
  • High-performing teams leverage account-based marketing
  • AI, Virtual reality, and augmented reality offer inventive engagement prospects
  • Data drives intelligent B2B marketing decisions

Salesforce has launched an exclusive marketing and sales app for B2B customers: Salesforce B2B analytics.

Market analysis plays a vital role in deciding business strategies.

Salesforce B2B analytics optimizes sales and marketing efforts by offering advanced marketing analytics, specifically in B2B businesses.

Gartner has revealed some surprising facts about the B2B buying journey:

  • B2B buyers spend only 17% of their time meeting with potential customers.
  • 27% of buyers prefer to research online independently.
  • 77% of B2B buyers admit that their latest buying journey was very complex or difficult.

Salesforce B2B analytics allows B2B users to transform their B2B buying journey and sales strategy.

Einstein analytics helps sales leaders to address problems with efficient solutions.

Why go for Salesforce B2B analytics?

Companies using marketing automation tools have seen a 34% increase in sales and a 37% increase in marketing effectiveness.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is designed with augmented analytics for every industry and business user.

It is a new generation software that offers instant access to insights.

Salesforce B2B analytics is pre-built with marketing KPIs and best practices, embedded where you work.

Salesforce B2B analytics acts as a true partner for your marketing team. It provides product training, implementation, assistance, best-practice recommendations, and ongoing support.

Salesforce provides flexible options for on-boarding the Salesforce B2B analytics software.

B2B customers can access hundreds of articles, training, and other supportive resources.

Once on-boarded, the customer will have access to the following:

  • Ongoing technical support via email
  • Guidance from success specialist team through daily virtual office hours and strategy sessions
  • Live and deep-dive webinars on specific features on a weekly basis
  • Access to the organization’s Idea Exchange to review new product features
  • Free, local user groups in cities across the world
  • Unlimited access to the tool knowledge base

Here are some salient features of Salesforce B2B analytics:

1) Wave Analytics

Wave Analytics enables users to organize and present information in a much more intuitive way, without a team of analysts.

Wave Analytics is compatible with smart gadgets like desktops, tablets, and smartwatches.

The Salesforce B2B analytics mobile app allows you to access data on-the-go and quickly share marketing decisions with your team.

2) Customizable dashboards

Dashboards are like a marketing person’s right hand! Salesforce B2B analytics makes them more useful by offering customizable dashboards.

Sales leaders can start with a full-funnel view of the business out of the box and run reports on day one.

3) Multi-touch attribution

Dashboards in Salesforce B2B analytics are featured with multi-touch attribution.

It enables you to understand which channels drive awareness, perform across all buying stages, and help drive deals to close.

It allows you to measure the effectiveness of all campaigns in different scenarios.

4) Boost the decision-making process

Decision-making makes the difference! Salesforce B2B analytics helps business users to make a better and faster decision on a complete AI-driven analytics platform.

Salesforce B2B analytics is embedded with a discovery and analytics studio.

It is the part of Salesforce sales Einstein that enables business users to identify relevant patterns without building sophisticated data models.

5) Instantly share insights

The syncing  of marketing and sales results in effective sales. Einstein sales analytics can help you reap the benefits and make more revenue.

6) Better data management

The Salesforce B2B analytics app contains Salesforce and app data populated via the Salesforce connector.

Features like self-contained ETL functionality, visual data preparation, and scalability make data management much better with Salesforce B2B analytics.

As the Salesforce B2B analytics tool is native in Salesforce, you can enjoy access to almost anything with the standard Einstein analytics tool, and also you can combine it with any Salesforce data.

7) Intelligent Experience

Data enlightens your business’s exceptional story! Salesforce B2B analytics has an Einstein base, offering proactive alerts and notifications. It is integrated with workflow automation tools.

Salesforce B2B analytics has the ability to significantly analyze millions of data combinations in minutes.

The machine learning technology of Salesforce B2B analytics empowers business users to customize attribution models to meet business needs.

Salesforce B2B analytics also predicts conversion and revenue factors with a simple point-and-click interface.

8) Einstein Insights

Salesforce B2B analytics is based on Salesforce Einstein insights that offer assistance in customer relationship maintenance.

Your sales team can be ready on a prior basis with business developments and other key moments that affect customer relationships.

9) Enterprise Scale

Salesforce B2B analytics is based on Einstein platform services. It allows you to quickly explore billions of data points with the world’s #1 trusted cloud platform.

Salesforce B2B analytics provides business users with native learning tools, uses multi-layered protection and monitoring, and offers continuous upgrades 3X/year.

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing

Salesforce B2B analytics is not limited to the sales and marketing of consumer goods or technology-driven organizations. Salesforce offers Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing.

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing lets account managers visualize all business aspects to keep them on top of sales agreements, orders, and contracts.

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing is exclusively for Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud users. It lets the manufacturing units constitute multiple systems altogether to provide strategic automation.

How to achieve commercial Excellence with Salesforce B2B analytics

Commercial Excellence sits in the realm of strategy, marketing, business development, and sales departments.

Salesforce B2B analytics gives exceptional empowerment to these sections.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, customer behavior has been changed in irreversible ways. It is important to study and analyze new challenges. B2B e-commerce solutions come in handy.

There are five keys to achieve commercial excellence:

  • Identify the right opportunities
  • Match the right opportunities
  • Deliver the perfect customer pitch
  • Do all of the above consistently
  • Build the right operating model

Salesforce B2B analytics is the Einstein analytics app built for the B2B marketer.

The app packages and sends off your B2B analytics app data into the Einstein Analytics platform.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics displays this data in a different manner, like in charts and graphs for example.

It also has a slice-and dice-ability.

B2B marketer can also avail other Einstein benefits, like bringing in other Salesforce data and see all reporting in one view.

Salesforce B2B analytics offers a curated analytics experience for B2B ecommerce with an out-of-the-box app, dashboard, and predictive channels.

It combines data from third-party and external data sources to measure marketing campaigns ROI across all channels.

Salesforce B2B analytics provides recommendations and smart suggestions to maximize ROI at each stage of the funnel.

B2B marketing analytics has three vital components:

  • Datasets

Datasets contain a set of formatted and optimized source data for interactive exploration.

  • Lenses

Lenses are built up by obtaining data from datasets. Lenses are specific views of a dataset data.

  • Dashboards

Dashboard data is obtained from lenses. Dashboards are an organized set of charts, metrics, and tables configured on data in one or more lenses.

All these components are customized according to the company’s needs.

Salesforce advanced analytics is embedded with prebuilt dashboards. These dashboards include charts with campaign and asset data grouping and ranking.

Users can test drive dashboards and explore real datasets.

What is Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud is the best fit for organizations looking for data-mining solutions that are already using Salesforce CRM.

There are many leading organizations revamping their business and experiencing an increase in sales with the help of the Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Einstein analytics cloud exhibits different tools for different groups, including sales and marketing.

Salesforce B2B analytics, with the help of Einstein analytics cloud, offers senior-level executives versatile features like simple click-and-select functionalities, graphical drag-and-drop interface, integration with vendor’s flagship CRM, efficient reporting features, and AI and machine learning support.

Take a glance at a few success stories of organizations that use Salesforce B2B analytics and Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud.

Mindtree sales velocity is increased to surpass $1bn in revenue.

UIster Bank pioneers AI to understand its business customers better.

Here are some benefits of the Einstein cloud:

  • Increase in productivity with Sales Cloud Einstein
  • Analyze Sales cloud Einstein data with reporting
  • Build a smarter pipeline with Einstein forecasting
  • Incorporate intelligence into your daily workflow with sales cloud Einstein

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Along with exclusive B2B buyers, Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers solutions for retail customers.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud unifies the retail experience across web, mobile, social, and store.

The Einstein AIbased Commerce cloud touches all buying phases, ranging from shopping to customer service.

It delivers a desirable one-to-one shopping experience by increasing engagement and retaining loyalty and conversion.

Salesforce B2B analytics, with the help of commerce cloud facilitates retail customers with embedded predictive intelligence, great customer satisfaction, and growth.

Various websites explore Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud in depth and extensively.


In a nutshell, Salesforce B2B analytics having an Einstein AI base helps B2B users exclusively.

Salesforce B2B analytics enables B2B customers to explore hidden opportunities for growing business in the data.

B2B customers can experience a new world of business and reinvent their own business with innovation and efficient strategies with the help of Salesforce B2B analytics.