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CloudCraze Optimization

CloudCraze offers the industry’s solitary customer-first data model with CRM and commerce in a single solution.

CloudCraze helps deliver robust B2B cloud commerce native on Salesforce. It allows you to generate online revenue faster and effortlessly scale for growth. Its customer-centric commerce unveils every single interaction, landing data across commerce, sales, marketing, service and more.


B2B organizations have many complex business functions, pricing models, and workflows, which can become cumbersome to manage. This is why a truly seamlessly integrated solution like CloudCraze is the key to fill in the gap by providing businesses e-commerce solutions that help automate various processes hence allowing brands to grow.

Look how we can help you scale up for growth:

On-Demand/ Value-Adding customization

Docmation provides you guided selling and personalized product selection and services.

Agile, Omnichannel, and Experience Management

We aim at providing you highly optimized solution with the ability to natively support multiple marketplaces, storefronts and much more.

Global advanced pricing strategies

We are known for our advanced pricing strategies helping you maximize ROI.

Extended Commerce

We help you empower digital commerce anywhere, on mobile devices, through social channels, and even in your store.

Speed to market is critical and innovation is a necessity as digital commerce continues to gain friction. CloudCraze for you:

  • Increase agility and ability to adapt in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

  • Enables you to access complete and accurate customer data.

  • Uses real-time data on Salesforce to notify each and every customer interaction.

  • Provides agile commerce solutions that go beyond the shopping cart.

  • Enables you to understand, predict and shape customer behavior.

Get Commerce and CRM solutions in a single experience.

Get CloudCraze.

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