Bridge the Gap between Potential and Profit with Salesforce Lightning

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Today’s enterprise cannot be run on yesterday’s systems. Legacy business processes can straitjacket organizations’ growth, pushing them into unwarranted situations.

Businesses must adopt cutting-edge tech solutions to achieve a surge in revenue, boost in workforce productivity, and speed in time to market.

Thanks to an ever-expanding arsenal of technologies embedded in today’s smart CRMs, like Salesforce, businesses don’t have to look too far in order to experience a rise in customer satisfaction.

The Salesforce Lightning experience is one such platform that gives enterprises a modern user-experience and bridges the gap between them and their customers.

It provides them with a smoother, quicker, more seamless experience to meet customer demands, and help IT and businesses bring new applications to the market faster while keeping pace with the hyper-connected world of today.

Here’s how Salesforce Lightning can power up your business.

Connect With Your Customers at a Lightning Speed

Technology has brought in a sea of changes in customer expectations. They revel in personalized attention and savor the “anywhere, any device” interaction coming to them at any time.

Salesforce Lightning does just that. At its very core, Lightning is a customer success platform that offers an entirely new ecosystem, experience, and framework focussing deeply on supporting sales and service processes.

Its intuitive interface makes your sales and service team 40% more productive and efficient than before.

Lightning empowers your business reps to interact and connect socially with your customers. It also helps them visualize data in order to attend to their business effortlessly.

Build Components and Customize Apps

Say goodbye to creating applications from soup to nuts, and say hello to a ready-to-use, drag and drop library of components that can be effortlessly configured.

Lightning Component Framework and the application builder help entwine standard and custom components with AppExchange components to create cutting-edge, modern apps. Lightning empowers you to build applications with seamless customization and deployment at lightning speed.

Turbocharge Productivity with Lightning

Lightning Experience isn’t just restricted to a great user interface. It’s also about boosting the productivity of your sales team through an advanced system that helps them close deals faster, and with high precision.

It offers great navigation, the capability to switch within customized apps, and a 360-degree view of the customer. It’s also effortless to work out deals with a composer to build events and tasks, post emails, and log calls.

There are lots of benefits of Salesforce Lightning aside from the above-listed features that make it even more powerful such as:

Sales Path

Sales Path allows business representatives to define key stages for their leads and opportunities. They can highlight and mark the important or key fields of any stage.

They can then use these fields to complete their sales process activities. In this way, lead closing becomes quicker for any sales rep.

Enhanced Dashboards, Reports, and Charts

Lightning reports are enhanced and rich in helpful features. These reports can be added to your list of views. Even the Dashboards continuously update within regular intervals. Salesforce Lightning reports have graphical representation and many upgrades.

Wrapping Up

Even though Lightning debuted with Sales Cloud, it’s now available in Service, Salesforce CRM, platforms, apps, and beyond.

Apart from the above benefits, another huge advantage that comes entwined with Salesforce Lightning is its portability. It delivers a seamless user experience across all platforms.

Lightning is the perfect platform for businesses looking to drive innovation and growth.
If you’re a Salesforce user, it’s time for you to take the leap, but if you’re not a Salesforce user, it’s all the more reason for you to make the switch.

Ready to reap the benefits of Salesforce Lightning? Talk to us!

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