B2B Ecommerce Events to Look Forward to in 2019

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Filled with e-commerce events you won’t want to miss, 2019 will be a great year for the B2B industry. Conferences provide a great opportunity for networking, discovering new products, and learning about the latest technologies, trends, and strategies to advance your business.

As the market continues to evolve, you need to stay relevant. Participating in events allows you to gain just the insight you need.

Here are some e-commerce events to look forward to in 2019.

Webwinkel Vakdagen

When: January 23-24

Where: Utrecht, Netherlands

The fact that 2019 will see the 13th edition of the Webwinkel Vakdagen speaks volumes about its growth in recent years. With ever-increasing numbers of exhibitors and visitors, currently topping 13,000, the Webwinkel Vakdagen is poised to be one of the best B2B events of 2019.

If you’re looking to gain the latest knowledge of today’s e-commerce industry and obtain valuable business advice straight from seasoned experts and thought-leaders, this is the place to be.

E-commerce Berlin Expo

When: February 20

Where: Berlin, Germany

While the Berlin Expo is only on its 4th edition and may be considered an underdog compared to the more prominent conferences on this list, the potential knowledge boost it could provide should not be underestimated.

Held in Germany’s tech hub, this expo will unite over 5,000 attendants, 150 exhibitors, and 12 influential speakers over the course of 20 hours. This dynamic event is designed to empower the entire e-commerce ecosystem, from online retailers to the platform, hosting, logistics, and payment solution providers they use.

E-commerce Innovation Summit

When: March 20-21

Where: California, USA

The e-commerce Innovation Summit will cover new strategies, tools, and solutions to drive business growth. Professionals in the field will have the opportunity to learn about building brands, extracting knowledge from data, new digital trends, the mobile experience, cross-channel marketing, AI, and so much more directly from the speakers of influential companies like Macy’s, Yahoo, and Walmart. The networking opportunities alone make the e-commerce Innovation Summit worth a visit.


Mobile Innovation Summit

When: February 27-28

Where: New York, USA

While not tailored specifically to the B2B e-commerce industry, this event provides a great opportunity for businesses looking to expand in the field of mobile marketing. The Mobile Innovation Summit brings people together from around the world in tech, retail, and advertising industries and will focus on key topics like:

  • Building a Customer First Mobile Strategy
  • Adapting a Traditional Business Model for the Mobile Age
  • Building your Mobile App Strategy

At this conference, you’ll have the opportunity to network with some of the most innovative mobile marketers from around the world. The 75 speakers include executives from top companies like Verizon and Audible. This summit will access new strategies and look to the leaders of mobile to see how they create more effective strategies.

B2B Online

When: May 14-16

Where: Illinois, USA

B2B Online is the premier event for manufacturers and distributors in the B2B e-commerce industry. It’s all about digital marketing and B2B digital innovations focused on assessing new strategies. Boasting a vast number of networking sessions, ice-breakers, think tanks, tastings, and two parties, B2B Online will provide you with the perfect platform to interact with the 1,100+ executives looking to attend, including speakers from HP, Siemens, Dell, and more. With topics ranging from e-commerce fundamentals to capitalizing on growth, there is something for everyone.

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