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    B2B Commerce Strategy

    The B2B market is rapidly moving to digital as more people in various roles are making online business purchases.  Given growing number of organizations adopting e-commerce as part of their buying process, Forrester suggests that B2B e-commerce will hit $1 trillion by 2020, which will make it twice the size of B2C e-commerce.

    When it comes to B2B e-commerce every business is unique.  Your strategy and roadmaps should be as well. Docmation provides you with in-depth evaluations and actionable solutions to expand your business and drive revenue. We work with you to create recommendations that are unique to your business situation, goals and needs.

    Docmation can help you devise measurable, customer-centric and impactful solutions for your e-commerce business. Our proven process is collaborative and thorough. It clears up ambiguity and gets e-commerce teams excited about where they’re headed.

    Business Evaluations

    An objective analysis of your e-commerce business can reveal strategic opportunities to improve the customer experience and business performance. Our detailed audits provide an in-depth look “under the hood” of your business.

    Reduce Complexity

    B2B has many complex business functions, pricing models, and workflows, which can become complicated to manage. We work closely with our clients to help them rethink and re-envision their business processes in order to simplify and attain the operational efficiency of their e-commerce initiatives.

    Performance Measurement

    There is no one-size-fits-all set of KPIs. Tracking KPIs only works when business objectives are clear to the entire company, that is why at Docmation we work closely with business owners to understand organizational goals and objectives. We develop metrics that matter and providing a relevant, compelling view of the data for business users to monitor progress and accelerate decision making.

    E-commerce is our specialty. We can help you find your way and chart a clear path to success. We provide the following core B2B E-Commerce Strategy Consulting services:

    • E-Commerce roadmaps
    • Business model analysis
    • Expert site review, auditing, best practices
    • Global e-commerce

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