B2B Commerce and CPQ Highlights from Salesforce Spring 20 Release

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B2B ecommerce platform features keep getting smarter with each update that Salesforce releases. Considering Salesforce Spring 20 Release Highlights, which had a worldwide release on February 17, 2020, via mobile app automation, Lightning Experience, etc. have made Salesforce CPQ and B2B Commerce much smarter and quicker at delivering a top-notch digital experience.

What were the latest innovations Salesforce brought with its Spring 20 release across mobile, CRM, CPQ, AI, Salesforce Sales Essentials, and more? Let’s try to uncover.

1. Resolve Customer Issues with Email-to-Case Enhancements

The Spring 20 update gives Salesforce Sales Essentials the ability to resolve customer issues via emails. Rolling out Email-to-Case for Gmail accounts automatically shifts customer support emails to Salesforce Sales Essentials. This results in the speedy and effective resolution of customer issues.

2. Run Business from Anywhere with Updated Salesforce Mobile App

B2B ecommerce solutions are meant to ensure ease of doing business. Whether that business is small or large, it doesn’t matter. What matters though is the ability to conduct it from wherever there is an Internet connection.

Touted as the biggest achievement of Salesforce’s B2B Commerce Solutions, the Salesforce mobile app made leaps of progress with Spring 20 release.

  • The update has made personalized navigation smarter by way of giving precedence to information used the most.
  • The update has incorporated Einstein Voice Assistant into the app, making note-taking and setting tasks really easy and fast.

3. Boost Productivity with the Salesforce Lightning Experience

Speed is the futuristic cult of internet-driven commerce. Achieving speed is enough for a business to rule the roost, and lacking it is surely the end of business!

It’s fair enough to say that not the future of B2B eCommerce alone but also the growth of B2B eCommerce is dependent on lightning experience. Quick results with a hassle-free interface is the best B2B ecommerce strategy, which truly boosts productivity.

The update brings the following Lightning Experience to Salesforce Lightning:

  • Users have in-app prompts, totally customizable, to guide them through.
  • Clearing the Recycle Bin is now a matter of a single click.
  • No mess or clutter around deleted reports and dashboards. Managing and accessing such files is extremely seamless.
  • Go back to your deleted reports and dashboards in order to view, restore, and permanently delete from the Recycle Bin.

4. Fix for Google Chrome’s Changes in SameSite Cookie Behavior

Businesses put trust in B2B Commerce Cloud Salesforce because it’s highly secure and keeps updating with changes in technologies. A classic example is the Google Chrome 80 update that changed the default cross-domain (SameSite) cookie behavior.

Even though the change did improve cross-domain security and privacy, which was intended for in the first place,its implications for Salesforce customers and partners weren’t at all pleasant as cookie-reliant Salesforce integrations had to be custom tested.

However, Salesforce in its Spring 20 update fixed the issue by releasing an updated SameSite cookie attribute. Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B reinvents itself as technologies around it change, which is a relief for businesses since they don’t have to shoulder responsibility for any of it.

5. Open Apps and Items Quicker with App Launcher

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services have made B2B eCommerce very easy. Adding to it is the Lightning Experience App Launcher. Using it, marketing and sales teams get to search for and open apps and items.

6. Einstein Voice Assistant: Get Things Done All by Voice

A most remarkable addition to the B2B Commerce Store coming out of Salesforce Spring 20 Release is Einstein Voice Assistant. Salesforce B2B ecommerce offers users a smart capability to use voice to update data, log events, create contacts. You can tailor it to suit your business needs. Another enhancement is data mining, which goes a long way in helping you make informed decisions.

7. Boost Productivity with Einstein Search (Beta)

There’s a real chance to get the max out of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The booster that has come to Salesforce Cloudcraze is in the form of Einstein Search, an intelligence-driven program to improve overall brainpower behind the business.

  • You can now view accounts instantly, access contacts, and assess opportunities using Einstein Search.
  • You can additionally customize your search layout to make Einstein Search profile-specific.

8. Manage, Fulfill, and Service Orders at Scale with Salesforce Order Management

From a shopper’s perspective, seamless shopping experience is paramount. Salesforce analytics, besides other Salesforce CPQ features, render the entire buying process from order submission to final purchase seamless and unified experience.

Salesforce Order Management automates purchase processes. An enhancement coming out of Salesforce Spring 20 Update that has enthralled the Salesforce Community the most is the order lifecycle management, which has given the necessary impetus to the customer experience.

  • Using any ecommerce channel, consumers can submit, track, and manage orders throughout the order lifecycle.
  • Merchants can manage order fulfillment, shipping, and invoicing, using integrated business processes.

9. A Single View Order History with Order Management Console

Salesforce Integration is varied both in its scope and functionality. A standout feature that sets it apart from the rest is a unified, integrated, single view data viewing experience.

See, for instance, the Order Management Console allows businesses to access customer order information in a unified and integrated manner.

Salesforce Order Management offers summarized info for each customer order placed. What helps sales reps offer personalized service is a single view order history. Things taking place before and after order fulfillment is neatly recorded, sequenced, and organized for integrated viewing experience.

10. Connect Salesforce B2B Commerce with the Service Cloud

An extension of the integration process is the Salesforce Order Management and Service Cloud. Consequently, empowering service agents to have a single view of customer order and service history.

Whenever they are handling a customer, agents can quickly access and process information to deliver personalized and contextualized service to customers.

Other Salesforce Spring 20 Release Highlights at Glance

  • The release promises improved productivity with the introduction of several new features, including the ability to schedule emails.
  • Sales and marketing reps can draft emails to return at a later date to edit or send it.
  • Using email threading offers a single-window view of the entire conversation. Therefore chances of reps’ replies getting derailed from the original conversation are minimized.
  • Add work items and tasks to the queue as efficiently as possible. Moreover, the quote line schedule can be edited in the quote line editor directly.
  • The Spring 20 release brings robust analytics tools such as the Einstein Behavior Scoring dashboard to B2B Commerce.
  • Updated B2B Marketing Analytics dashboards and datasets take B2B marketing to the next level of efficiency and personalization.