Augment Commerce Cloud with Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud is a digital platform built on the Salesforce platform that helps businesses create connected CRM-powered digital experiences. Companies can create content in one place and deliver it to websites, portals, mobile apps, and storefronts using Experience Cloud.

Does this ring a bell? You would be right. Salesforce Communities’ latest iteration, Experience Cloud, was released alongside the introduction of Salesforce’s Digital 360.

What’s New & Why the Name Change?

With this new cloud, Salesforce offers customers more capabilities in an online experience with your brand. Companies can now easily integrate Salesforce with other key business systems, have highly customized experiences, and organize large volumes of data, all while maintaining a mobile-friendly experience.

Experience Cloud can be used to build branded customer service portals, self-service accounts, and partner management.

Customer support platforms, self-service accounts, and partner management can all be built with Experience Cloud.

There’s an entire set of features designed to handle digital personas like people and interact with them directly. Personalization capabilities analyze a user persona’s characteristics and help surface content that is important to them. Journey mapping determines where a user is in their journey and directs them to their next move.

Customer, employee, business partner, patient, volunteer, or student, Experience Cloud is built for anyone’s digital experience. To drive the next generation of digital interactions, it combines robust platform processes with a deep understanding of the customer.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Features

Experience Cloud, formerly known as Community Cloud, has a number of new and improved features, including:

  • Build sites, portals, and forums fast
  • Self-service for customers
  • Drag and drop dev/design for simple but effective user interfaces
  • “CRM-powered” experiences
  • Easily-personalized pre-built templates
  • Personalized customer touch-points
  • Allows your digital platforms to adapt and scale with your business strategy
  • Increase onsite engagement
  • Pull in data from Salesforce, third-party, or legacy sources

Furthermore, Salesforce Experience Cloud offers a variety of pre-built templates and themes. You can quickly launch pixel-perfect branded experiences by customizing these and/or creating new custom ones.

Customers who use the Experience Cloud gain a competitive advantage by launching quickly, connecting every experience to data, and delivering it through a seamless customer journey.

Deliver Excellence through Connected Commerce and Experience Cloud

Commerce Cloud is a customer-centric eCommerce solution built on Salesforce’s CRM. It allows companies to connect the entire customer experience by integrating data on a single platform, using artificial intelligence (AI), cutting-edge software, and other resources to personalize commerce and enhance user experiences.

B2C and B2B companies can use Commerce Cloud to offer easy commerce, increase sales, and put customers first, but a digital experience allows you to magnify engagement and provide smooth transactions for users. Experience Cloud can improve eCommerce solutions in three big ways.

1. Enable Customers to Discover, Research, and Collaborate About Your Products

Extending Commerce Cloud with Experience Cloud enables businesses to provide new purchasing options to customers and prospects. Integrating the eCommerce site with a digital experience allows customers to browse, study, and purchase items all in one place.

You can have easy self-service online with Experience Cloud, resulting in positive experiences that lead to higher conversion rates and fewer abandoned carts. Employ forums and discussion forums to encourage customers to communicate with one another, exchange product feedback and viewpoints, and eventually attract new customers.

In addition to the peer-to-peer interactions enabled by Experience Cloud, AI capabilities in your digital experience allow your businesses to build better purchasing recommendations to users. Assist consumers in discovering and learning about products that are most important to them based on their personal data and past behaviors.

Finally, Experience Cloud’s pace and versatility enable businesses to quickly create content and deliver it to their commerce portals and digital storefronts.

Maintain the freshness of your product listings with quick updates, and transform customer data into custom suggestions that help to maximize the results of your Commerce Cloud solution.

2. Streamline the Entire Transaction Process for Users

Personalization and a smoother transaction flow are the pillars of a successful commerce experience. These Salesforce Clouds’ AI capabilities enable user data to be surfaced in Experiences for a customized customer journey, and the two complement each other by streamlining purchasing processes.

Best-in-class applications and other resources personalize the shopping experience and power every transaction, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Your organization can utilize Experience Cloud to automate processes for accurate delivery and payment, as well as order transparency and customer support, all from within your digital experience.

Experience Cloud streamlines post-purchase interactions by allowing customers to communicate with other shoppers, share their experiences with your brand, leave feedback, and suggest changes and ideas for your products.

3. Provide Integrated Experiences for Both B2C and B2B Commerce

Extending Commerce Cloud with Experience Cloud improves not only your customer experiences but also your B2B commerce solutions. Well-designed digital experiences make buying convenient for your consumers, and this is also true for your business buyers.

With Experience Cloud, you’ll eliminate friction and personalize B2B Commerce, allowing B2B businesses to get to market quicker with a shopping-like experience. Reduce costs, save time, and customize the overall experience to suit the company’s / businesses and brand’s needs.

By expanding Commerce Cloud with a digital experience, you can take advantage of features built specifically for B2B, such as quick reorders, account hierarchies, contract pricing, custom catalogs, and more. If you need a B2C or B2B solution, you’ll be able to deploy quickly, adapt quickly, and remain agile while delivering seamless experiences for all users.

By integrating Experience Cloud with Commerce Cloud, the company would be able to reap even more benefits. You’ll be able to supplement your eCommerce solutions with more specific data and expand your B2B and B2C offerings with a community or other digital experience.

By integrating Experience Cloud with your Commerce Cloud solutions, you can enable a variety of use cases related to your users’ buying process and provide a seamless, end-to-end user journey.

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