8 Ways B2B Commerce Software Improves Customer Service

For today’s businesses, how well you provide customer support is a key factor in shaping your company’s reputation. Its rightly said: “The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.”

Reaching new customers is important, but retaining them is even more important. New customer acquisition may give your business legs, but customer retention is truly the backbone of your success.

According to experts, 80% of future revenue will come from 20% of your existing clients. As such, it is important to focus on customer loyalty management, repeat business, and overall customer satisfaction.

Optimize your website with data-driven insights. Implement effective website design, optimized UX, and streamlined checkout in order to connect shoppers to products and boost conversion rates.

Key focus areas include a user-friendly checkout flow, optimal product presentation and recommendations, and overall usability. An effective commerce solution will enable your organization to grow and scale easily to meet market demand and customer needs.

Want to know the different ways a B2B commerce software can improve your customer base? Keep reading.

Improved Efficiency

B2B commerce software provides marked efficiency for your organization. With public-facing catalog pages, you can reach new B2B customers. Also, customers are able to order online at their convenience, thereby eliminating the possibility of errors and improving shipping processes, making a more satisfying experience for the customer.

Increased Sales

With the right commerce platform, you not only reach new customers but also cater to existing ones by implementing automated cross-sell and up-sell recommendation programs, offering relevant suggestions to customers and encouraging them to purchase related items.

Bonafide Analytics

B2B e-commerce software provides the perfect platform for your business to grow by launching a comprehensive analytics campaign. Measure and evaluate your marketing campaigns, sales effectiveness, inventory turns, and customer engagement. Through e-commerce tracking, you get much more valuable data with actionable insights.

Multi-site Capability

The right B2B e-commerce platform lets you launch a co-branded e-commerce site effortlessly. Expand your territory by enabling your site to cater audiences in alternate languages or currencies.

Rich Self-Service Experience

Efficient B2B commerce software makes online shopping as easy as possible by providing a rich self-service experience complete with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), virtual assistants (VAs), and guided navigation.

24/7 Online Chat

It’s not always the case that a query is resolved by an FAQ. Effective B2B commerce software allows your customers to get hands-on support without having the need to leave your website. With online chat support, you get to identify customer pain points. Also, the data collected during the online chat can be analyzed to further enhance the customer experience.

Don’t forget to follow up with each customer in order to know if the issues were resolved.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Today’s shoppers are on the go and they take the internet with them which makes it mandatory for you to have a mobile-friendly site. B2B commerce software ensures that your shopping cart, VAs, and online chat windows are responsive to all screen sizes. And you must make sure your entire site, including all product information, renders on all mobile devices.

Omnichannel Service Integration

It is essential for your online customer service functions to integrate seamlessly and have a complete view of customer accounts. Make sure you capture the tickets raised by customers and make them available for your representatives over all mediums, whether it’s email, phone call, or online chat. With B2B commerce software, you provide complete customer service integration, proving that you care about exceptional customer experience.


Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.

Customer service for e-commerce is all about using the perfect blend of technology and human interaction. With the right B2B commerce software, you can foster a personal relationship with online shoppers by offering a rich self-service experience and an integrated mobile-friendly interface. Armed with these capabilities, you will know how to reach the right people with the right deals at the right time, using the most appropriate channel.