5 Salesforce Community Cloud Videos You Need to See

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1. Small Communities Demo

Check out this 2 min video on community’s capabilities.

2. Setting up your Salesforce Community with an example

Do you want to see some examples? So here you go with this video. This video describes a case study on

communities used for nonprofit org. It will also help you to know how to invest resources, how to start

and define your engagement strategy

3. Overview of Chatter in Communities

Do you know you can use Chatter in Communities? Check out this video on how and why to use Chatter

within your communities. It is explained with a case study how British Sky has used Communities within


4. Case Study for Growth on Channel Sales

This video will help you understand how to grow within your complex business ecosystem. Check out

new standard for online communities. Learn how users can belong to multiple communities with Single


5. Go online with your mobile

Communities can be accessed from any mobile devices. Service reps can tackle toughest cases and their

productivity can be increased tremendously.

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