Top 5 B2B Commerce & CPQ Features for the Ultimate Digital Transformation

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Without digital enterprise solutions, business to business commerce cannot meet the expectations of the 21st century. Anything that can draw the B2B experience closer to that of B2C calls for the implementation of a cloud-first B2B eCommerce strategy. Foremost being leveraging technologies such as B2B Commerce and CPQ billing.

Change is real and B2B is not immune to it. Personalized user experience is fast becoming the hallmark of digital commerce. Multi-tier distribution selling is replacing single-tier selling.

CPQ (configure, price, quote) technology and omnichannel support have taken B2B commerce by storm in terms of stupendous growth it has brought. The global B2B eCommerce owes its projected USD 20.9 trillion growth rate by 2027 to these B2B commerce solutions, including Salesforce B2B Commerce and CPQ.

Before we discuss 5 B2B Commerce and CPQ features that bring the ultimate digital transformation, let’s try to answer in passing – how much does Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cost?

A straightforward answer is, for it has no direct answer, Salesforce Commerce Cloud cost varies from business to business and is based on individual customer’s requirements.

One thing is absolutely certain, the future of B2B eCommerce is tied to Salesforce Sales Essentials. Salesforce B2B eCommerce technology has largely contributed to the growth of B2B eCommerce and made B2B commerce stores customer-friendly and efficient.

Out of many B2B eCommerce solutions, its duty to put B2B eCommerce on the pedestal of digital transformation has been immense. No matter your business’s size, even small businesses can afford Salesforce Essentials, which is the best CRM available.

B2B Commerce Features for Ultimate Digital Transformation

1. Access Customer Data from Single Dashboard

Using B2B Commerce automates data generation. It extracts valuable data from various sources such as emails, spreadsheets, calendars, support channels; stores and processes it; and offers a 360-degree unified view of each customer’s data from a single dashboard.

Additionally, it streamlines sales, solving customers’ problems in real-time. Salesforce B2B Commerce transforms businesses digitally and unifies CRM, the service cloud, sales cloud, marketing cloud, and more, for consistent and integrated business operability.

2. Sell Fast, Sell More – No Data Entry

By removing errors and inefficiencies of manual processes, B2B Commerce speeds up selling. All your product and customer-related info are viewable on one dashboard. As a result, leads are followed a lot quicker.

Therefore, more of sales reps’ time goes into actual selling and is no longer wasted on cumbersome spreadsheets. Moreover, not only can you track emails but you can also call and organize meetings automatically from the dashboard without leaving your desk or your assistant handing over a customer’s file.

3. Connect Multiple Support Channels Automatically

B2B dealings are multi-channel. For a sales rep to keep track of every channel is humanly impossible. Even if more people are assigned to track individual channels, organizational inefficiency and data blockade still persist.

B2B Commerce organizes and connects all these channels and ensures the free flow of customer and business data. In other words, any sales rep can help any customer anytime anywhere because the same data is available across channels.

4. Scale as your Business Grows

As the business grows, the physical infrastructure fails to accommodate. But digital infrastructure offers great flexibility in terms of its innate capacity for scalability.

To put it in a simple manner, as the business grows, B2B Commerce scales accordingly. In addition to scale, conduct customer surveys in order to gain insight into how customers rate your service. Data from the survey can be implemented to boost productivity and ensure growth.

5. No Intensive Coding Required to Customize – A Few Clicks Suffice

B2B Commerce empowers businesses in more than one way. Take for instance customization. Earlier, it used to take plenty of time and coding expertise. But the advent of CRM has made customization happen in a matter of clicks.

Options to arrange customer data in easily identifiable folders help keep track of customers. You can integrate data generated from various sources for the unified viewing experience, all of which are made possible because of B2B Commerce and the digital transformation it brings to business to business commerce.

Salesforce CPQ Features for Ultimate Digital Transformation

One of the more remarkable Salesforce CPQ features is that companies that implement it increase their average deal size by a whopping 105 percent.

On the digital transformation front, what are some of the top features the CPQ platform brings to business-to-business commerce?

a. Guided Selling, Short Sales Cycle

Salesforce’s CPQ software for small businesses promotes guided selling. This implies that sales reps know exactly what they’re selling and to whom they’re selling.

Consequently, the sales cycle becomes shorter. Additionally, CPQ software helps newly appointed sales reps learn how to generate quotes that are accurate.

b. Automated, Accurate, and Fast Quoting

Digitization is about speed and accuracy. Salesforce CPQ generates accurate quotes and contracts in a shorter time. Consequently, it saves business lots of time and manpower and boosts productivity.

The whole process is fully automated, so the chances of errors creeping into quotes are negligible. Customize your business proposals using a variety of templates that Steelbrick Salesforce CPQ offers.

c. Error-Free Quotes and Enhanced Productivity

Errors creep into quotes when you manually put info into them. CPQ automates the quote generation process, making it error-free and personalized.

Besides, it produces quotes in real-time as well as when customers add products to the cart. It still maintains a high degree of accuracy in terms of pricing.

Sometimes clients make adjustments to their cart, and CPQ not only updates the information but also readjusts discounts, if any, in real-time.

d. Better Customer Service

One of the more revolutionary aspects of Salesforce CPQ implementation and functionality is better customer service. And in the digital age customer service can make or break a business overnight!

Salesforce CPQ and Billing helps businesses deliver personalized quotes to buyers. As a result, customers find something they resonate with and feel confident to move to the next stage of sales funnel.

CPQ, to put in simple words, offers customers a personalized buying experience.

e. AI-Driven Deal Profitability Analysis

Another special CPQ feature that completes the digital transformation process of B2B organizations is deal profitability analysis.

Salesforce CPQ, by leveraging artificial intelligence, helps businesses gauge the profitability of the deals they are about to close. This is helpful, especially in reducing risk factors. At the same time, it ensures that you produce commercially viable quotes only.