Winter ’18 Release Administration Features in Lightning

Salesforce aims for intuitive features with the AI influence to develop smart communities. The winter 18 features promise to drive substantial breakthroughs in developing communities with great features that engage customers.

Salesforce upgraded the following Key segments of communities this Winter 18

It is enhanced with a better interface that offers an extensive solution to develop modern communities with best-in-class administrative features. In this release, you will find new features and enhancements to currently available features.

Enhanced features in the Lightning Experience are:

  • Introducing spell correction in Instant results

With the winter 18 release, spell correction has been introduced in instant search results. When a search query doesn’t show results because of a possible misspelling, end users will get suggestions related to the correctly spelled word. The spell correction update works for only one misspelled term, even if multiple searched terms are misspelled.

The best thing about this feature is the end-user gets more accurate suggestions while searching a contact with the account name.


Note: This feature only works with Lightning experience

  • Add Opportunity Team members faster than ever before

With this feature, the user can add a whole opportunity team in just a few clicks.


  • Text Wrapping

Now the user can wrap the search results by changing the column preferences. You just need to click on the down arrow (as shown in the below figure) and select wrap text. This can help with viewing long text within the column.

Whenever a user turns off the text wrap, an ellipsis notifies if the text is too long to adjust within the column.

Note: The text wrapping feature doesn’t work for search results made by external sources.

  • Record Custom Voice Mail Greeting

 From the call panel or personal setting, the representatives can select voicemail setting for a personal voice mail greeting.

Note: This feature is only accessible for users with inbound and outbound calling access.


  • Emojis

Salesforce has introduced emojis in Lightning Experience and Lightning Communities. When you answer questions, post comments or questions, and add details, you can spice up the conversation with Emojis. You will find emojis categorized.


  • Out of Office Status

With the release of this feature, you can add a custom message and set dates when you will be away. The message will be noticeably displayed wherever your name is displayed. This particular upgrade applies to Lightning Experience only.

  • Enhanced Quick Find

This enhancement helps you find what you need with better results from a search.

  • Merge Person Accounts

Sales representatives can view and merge duplicate person accounts in business accounts, contacts, and leads. To use this feature, a sales representative has to make sure the duplicate rule for a person account is active.


  • Mass inline Editing

This is a new feature in Lightning experience.  Representatives can now make edits to 200 records without quitting the list view.

As shown in the image, you can select all the required rows. You can now edit or delete in the list view.

  • New Macro Builder

                This facilitates editing and adding instructions to macros from the point-and-click interface. By increasing efficiency and consistency, this feature improves agent productivity when communicating with customers. One of the greatest features is the simplified point-and-click interface that lets authors capture the actions and fields they would like to include in the macro instruction.

This image on the right-hand side illustrates the highlighted tab that shows instruction for the macros. The Instructions are placed from the quick action and similar fields which can be selected from the page on the left.

  • Reports in Quip:

Once a report is opened in Quip, it connects the report to Quip spreadsheet. The data gets refreshed in real-time, and the spreadsheet links back to records in Salesforce. A user can turn the automatic refresh option on or off.

What is Quip?

It consolidates and provides centralized access to your documents, spreadsheets and charts. It offers real-time collaboration among team members wherever they are.

  • Multitouch Campaigns

 This new Multitouch campaigns feature lets the marketing department see the influence details which could help them get actionable insights. With the first touch model, the marketing representative can get information about the first interaction with prospects. The last touch shows which campaigns are closing the most deals. And the evenly distributed model captures campaigns performance in terms of all interaction with prospects.


  • Related List Quick Links

This attribute is available for just the record pages. With this feature, users can view multiple similar lists by hovering a link, and the users can take actions right to the results within the hover pane.

This component shows two rows of related lists in large and medium regions. It also shows six rows in small regions. To view all users, you can view the remaining related list by clicking the options show all, which expands this component. When a user hovers over a related link, the first ten items are displayed.                   


  • Enhanced Folder Sharing

This feature is new in lightning experience, and it quickly lets you create, share, rename and delete folders.

The following features make folder management easy.

    • Folders can be shared at the user, group, role level, or all together.
    • Representatives can see who are allowed to access specific reports and dashboard folders.
    • Sophisticated access levels for each folder sharing.


  • Keep files on records Private

Before, all the files on records were visible to everyone who had access to the record. With this new enhanced feature, you can now attach a file to a record and keep it private or share it with individuals and groups.


  • Turn on Multiple Currencies Without Contacting Salesforce Support

Now you can enable multiple currencies without contacting Salesforce customer support. This feature applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce classic and all versions of Salesforce1 mobile app.


  • Add Tables to Dashboards

Lightning table components have been introduced and can show up to 200 records and 10 columns from the fields of source report. This feature is available in the dashboard builder by default. Lightning tables are not available in Salesforce Classic.

  • Embed Dashboards on the Home Tab and in Lightning Apps

Embed dashboard to every specific team of people. For example, you can add a Sales dashboard to the home tab which gives your sales team the information they most need.

You can use the lightning app builder to embed dashboard. Customize the home tab and drag-and-drop a dashboard component.

Note: Embed dashboard is not available on record pages.


  • Organize Libraries in Communities

Now in communities, the library managers can create, rename, and delete folders in libraries. They can also move files between folders in a library.

Note: In new communities, folders are enabled by default for any new libraries. For existing communities, folders are not enabled by default.


It shows how to create new folder and sub folders.


  • Modernised LockerService API Viewer

Because of the Salesforce design lightning system, the Lockservice API viewer organized user interface and visual design. The viewer allows you to analyse properties which are available on the secured version of Javascript DOM APIs.



  • Add Case Comment

Agents can add case comments from a related list with just a click of a button. This feature is available for Lightning Experience and all versions of Salesforce1 mobile app users. You should know that Case comment window looks different depending upon the configuration.



  • Users Can Add Products to Opportunities

This feature is available in lightning experience for groups, professionals, enterprise, performance, unlimited and developer editions.

With this feature, Salesforce allows sales representatives to add products to new opportunities.



  • Opportunity Forecast Category

Make tweaks to forecast category regardless of lead’s stage.


  • Process Builder Enhancement

Initiate a Process when a Platform Event Occurs

You can create a process which will trigger when a platform event occurs. For example, If the ink is low, Salesforce receives the printer status event. As a result of which, a process is launched to order ink and assign a technician to install the ink cartridge.

       Access Encrypted Data in the Process Builder

       It now supports encrypted fields, but these fields cannot  be used to filter.

      Quickly Reference Specific Users and Queues in Your Processes

      Instead of searching a user with the user ID, you can now search the user by name.


  • Flows and Live Agent

Embed Flows in community pages

Now you can add flows to your pages with the help of Flow component in community builder.

Chat with Customers

Agents now get a larger chat window, so they have more flexibility.

Launch a flow from an Object-specific action

Add flows to the action menu on lightning pages without hunting down flow’s URL.


  • More variables selection in Flow component

You can now set more values or variables in picklist and multi-select picklist from the properties pane. This feature is available for Lightning experience and Salesforce classic.

In this image, you can see picklist has the value banking and the multi-select field has multiple variables, like New York and Buenos Aires.


  • Visual Flow Enhancements

Translate Flows from the Translation Workbench

We know it’s time-consuming to copy flows to support multiple languages. With this new enhancement, you can use the translation workbench to translate flows and maintain the same translation configuration across the flow version. You can manually translate flow, export or import flows for volume translation.

Add Flows in Salesforce with the Flow Lightning Component

Earlier adding Flow lightning components were limited to the Salesforce tools, like the Lightning app builder. With the release of Winter 18, you can add this component to your apps by using lightning: flow Lightning component.

Add Flows to Lightning Communities

Now you can add Flow component in the community builder and to your community pages.

Set Values for Picklist and Multi-Select Picklist Variables

You can set values for picklist and multi-select picklist variables from the link.

Configure a Flow to Wait for a Platform Event to Occur

This feature is brand-new in Lightning experience and Salesforce classic. It allows you to subscribe to platform events in a flow wait element. Before, a flow could only wait for an absolute date and time value.


Take away

With the new administrative features, you will have a whole new experience of managing communities.